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Thread: Would you do this?

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    [Link removed]
    Because of the nature of this product and sencitivity of this, this pay nore gig might not be a gig for you, but if you don't have any problems with wearing this for the sake of promotion, then this is for you!
    Recent compnay earnings show that it is itme to promote the adult diapers we provide to hundreds of hospitle's around the country. We are wanting to promote our product in N. VA and are requesting for 1 hour of your time.
    You would be in a clear walled room that would have you as the center of attention inside of a major hospilte and maybe some other privete health establishments, assuming that you feel comfortable doing such. Is is then you will be payed generously for helping promote our product. 
    Next - now for anybody who doesn't mind wearing this product under contract for 2 monthes, but all would be done in the privacy of your own home, not coming out topromote in person, you will also be payed, but not as generous as those who come out in person to promote. Oh, one last asighment that will be open tothose who take on the $3000 assignment, WE WANT YOU TO BE APART OF OUR LATEST COMMERCIAL! That alone pays an extra $2000 for 30 min of your time....
    Finally, we also have some openings for those who would wear while promoting/ hand out FREE samples in a local drug store. It's simple. You would bet set up in a company booth with you agreeing to wear the product while you promote (under your clothes of course) and answer questions on the product too. Please respond with your name, a valid contact number and a company repersentative will call you back and schdule you for whatever assignment you have chosen to do.
    Thanks to all who are able to help promote our product!
    Lastly, here is the pay scale for your promoting time.
    Pay is as follows -
    1) Anybody who shows up to wear/ promote in the hospilte will get $3,000 for his/ her time. (1 hr only) Men or women - they will both be ale to wear a shirt when in adult diapers)
    2) Anybody who wears in their house will be payed $300 a month. Note: Must succesfully wear and come through with their end of the bargain. (Will explain in person what stipulations are when we drop off the adult diapers to your house)
    3) Anbody who decides to participate in our drug store promotion will receive $1000 per person for 1 hr of your time.
    And finally, ALL who participate, you will receive your payment 5 days after you do whitch ever assinment you take on. It's because it allows ALL checks to properly clear via our accounting department so no check bounces...
    If I lived there and knew that it was legit I would partake.
    Last edited by Kale; 09-May-2011 at 09:40. Reason: Removed the link, as it is very likely a scam and don't want anyone taken for a ride.

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    YA!!! I'd do all, but the commercial. Can't risk my parents seeing. But sadly, this is almost cerainly NOT legit

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    My God, the spelling mistakes alone are enough to put me off!

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    How do you spell 'scam'?

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    "And finally, ALL who participate, you will receive your payment 5 days after you do whitch ever assinment you take on" made me think is was definitely fake.

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    Ditto - legitimacy in doubt because of language and spelling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarrenW View Post
    How do you spell 'scam'?
    For sure, I mean if it was true they wouldn't have any trouble getting people to do it. I think anyone would wear for $3,000.I mean something like this was was real would you participate?

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    Let's's on Craiglist and the spelling and grammar is terrible. That alone probably says enough.

    And if anyone thinks it is not a scam, let me know. I've got a few emails I'll forward you from a Nigerian prince who is looking to give someone $1 million dollars if they will only wire him about $25,000 to free up the money...

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    Nope I don't think so. It's obviously a fake and a stupid scam. A diaper company would ever do that to promote their diaper brand.

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