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    Default Brain faster than head...

    I'm in the process of writing up notes for exam revision - but I've noticed that I frequently will write a letter in a word before the previous letter...

    So for example, just tried writing reliable, and wrote rei before I put the L back in... weird huh?

    I'm assuming it's the brain working faster than my eye, or some crazy degenerative disease!

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    I do that sometimes :p but a weird thing is that I don't do it when I'm typing, only when I'm writing. It's probably not a disorder or disease, just your brain working faster then your hand can keep up with.

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    One of my friends did that a lot at school, and it turned out it was some form of learning difficulty.

    It never seemed to affect here badly, except in written timed tests, so as a result she got extra time in all her written timed exams.

    It might be something worth looking into! It's always worth a little bit of extra thinking time in exams if you can get it!

    I only got extra time once, and that was because I had broken BOTH my wrists at the same time, so I got extra time and a scribe! Teehee!

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    Wow Talula, that's a pretty impressive way to get extra time! I don't have the issue when typing - I assume because my brain knows the key layout *far* too well... I never learnt to touch type, it just happened over time lol!

    I'm not worried about it when writing, usually effects me when I'm copying something rather than writing from scratch - which, in exams, isn't that common an occurrence! Just thought it was a bit of a funny thing - though I'm surprised someone else has found the same!

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    I do stand to be corrected, but to the best of my knowledge it is a form of dyslexia. Personally I’ve never sought any help for it, but with my chosen trade I had serious trouble for doing same with numbers. It is not an insurmountable problem though, timed exam/tests will always present a challenge.

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