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    hey, let's start with the basics then, my favourite colour is red, I'm average sized, I am also an xbox gamer! but I don't play much as I get bored of it easily. As for my personality, I am a very gentle person sometimes caring c: I am also finishing school next month :c (I'll miss the girls school uniform) but afterwards I'm doing an engineering course!
    I came to this website in attempts to make friends with other abdl's c; I first got into diapers when I was 4, my little sister was born and it was easy to dispose of the diapers. I am into feminization too but I would never do it in public (not much of a daredevil o my hobbies include listening to music, swimming, gaming, chatting, and googling (I google EVERYTHING)
    I guess I came to this site to meet other people like me and increase my friend count;D I came to enjoy stories, Reading intros :3 and possibly help people with their problems. any questions? fire away!

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    Is it a person who got hit on the head, and half of their face is under the ground? c(:|

    Or a person with a welt on their chin? c(:

    Or maybe... a Nethack key surrounded by 'close a door' and two bits of flooring?

    Well, anyway, hello. Hello! Post around some.

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    I think its supposed to be someone sticking out there tounge.

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    Hey man, welcome to ADISC. It's nice that you talk about your non-fetish interests first and save the diapers for the end of your intro... your introduction has the right priorities. And my favorite color is red too, so clearly you have good taste!

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    yes it's a tongue hehe, thanks and yes we do have good taste in colour ;]!

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