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    any one know of a good linux os for the use as a home and is like a windows 2008 server

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    I'd suggest checking out CentOS ( - The Community ENTerprise Operating System).
    It's a direct, license free clone of Redhat Enterprise Linux, which is pretty much the standard Linux server in industry. So if you're looking to learn stuff that you could apply in a working environment it's also a good for that.

    Compared to Windows Server though, all Linuxes are quite different. The main difference is the way you manage and configure them. In the Windows world I've always found the GUI is almost always the primary method of doing this with CLIs being secondary, if present at all. The Linux world is pretty much a mirror image of this.

    Are you looking to make the leap from Windows to Linux, career-wise?

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    thanks ill check it out. i want 2 learn more about linux servers. i have learned a little bit of linux like the desktops

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    In that case I'd suggest the first tool to learn is a command line text editor. vi is a good choice, as it present on every Unix and pretty much every Linux system (it's part of the System V standard, off memory), although some people prefer emacs.
    This is essential as everything is done via text files in Linux, so any config work you do will involve an editor.

    Secondly, learn a shell and how to script it. bash is probably the most common shell in corporate environments, simply because it's the default on RHEL.
    Concepts like piping and loops rapidly become vital as you work more with Linux.

    Hope this helps
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    i no some linux commands but the advice u gave me is realy good and ill study the points u have pointed out 2 me
    thanks for the help

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    I use Ubuntu (current desktop version). If you do use that, make sure to install gnome desktop and default to that, as Unity 3D is still buggy and unstable. Another thing is to install Webmin and use that to manage your server. Webmin basically uses you browser as the gui and allows you to manage your server quite well. This is a must if your going to install the server version, as the server version may not come with a GUI (or come with a really simple one). Other than that, google is your best friend for help. Ubuntuforums may seem like a good place to get help, but too many questions get asked and too few get answered.

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