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    I have been wearing XL Girls Goodnights for 6 months now. In all that time I have only had one where the sides split and I weigh 160 lbs. They are snug but I find them very good for fit and no leaks unless one really overloads them wetting (do not aver do no. 2) plus they are great under a skirt going out. I do not like bulky diapers. It makes me feel like wearing a tent for a diaper. Like them small and tight.

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    cool i wish i could hide mine cause im a dude

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    girls goodnight hold up better then boys goodnights, in my personal experience. minded i fit in both just fine 120lb but girls hold more and dont leak nearly as much as boys. dont know why

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    Being a male, I do find the boys version more comfortable. I only wear them at night, because I experience wet dreams, so they don't need to be super absorbent.

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    I actually have both and alternate. I usually stock up when Amazon discounts them and the girls gets discounted more often, and usually a little bit larger discount, than the boys, so I usually have a larger supply of those on hand.

    To me, after almost daily use over the past 3+ years (wow, didn't realize it had been that long), the girls used to be slightly bigger probably 2-3 designs ago, with slighter better absorbency to match. With the last design, and the current one, I started shifting more towards the boys. Honestly, I haven't really noticed much of a difference in size or absorbency between them anymore. I have noticed that the new side panel material in the current designs hold up over time much better than the old material. It doesn't stretch out and lose its ability to recover.

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    yeah, absorbency has definitely gone down.
    they do, however, retain no. 2 pretty well (you know, for a pull up) with the leak guards.

    but if you can, then you should get an actual diaper if you plan on using it.

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    I'm not too happy with adult diapers, so I'll still with Goodnites.

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