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    hello all im napy534 (although i should be nappy534 but i forgot the email for that account which has the randomised password)
    im 20, straight, male, local to the london area but i shant publicly pinpoint my location, i like to wear nappies although i will not attempt to purchase or wear until i live on my own unless i make some local friends who dont mind a playmate and by playmate i mean someone who i can wear nappies in the vicinity of, it annoys me when you think you've made a friend to the point you trust you could meet up with them in person and suddenly they ask questions like if they can change you when you meet up and stuff and you explain thats sexual for you and they say stuff like "we'll see when you come over" eww creepy
    anyways i hope i can make some neat friends here, ive lurked a few times and there seem to be a lot of nice supportive guys and gals here

    hope the introduction was adequate

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    I expect you'll make more friends if you tell us something about yourself!

    We assume that the reason people come here is some sort of connection with diapers, so we want to know about the REST of you! Sell yourself to us!

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    Umm, I like movies but usually with a preference to snooty arty films that would bore most people. I also like videogames. And comics, but not superhero stuff generally, I like "graphic novels" more (me being pretentious again). If you're in to any of that I can talk your ear off for hours but if not then I can find it hard to connect and talk with people. I'd say I'm generally a kind, friendly person who enjoys making witty quips but people on the opposite end of an argument may end up hating me even if I don't necessarily hate them especially as I tend to take preference for logic and objectivity over human emotion on any given topic and I can get sarcastic too (don't want to make myself sound like a douche but the green box beneath advises I go for honesty).

    Onto my diaper side: I prefer calling them nappies, its twice as enjoyable to my ears, I've had few opportunities to humour my fetish and not to the full degree of wearing and using a proper adult nappy (Mostly DL btw but I dip my toes in the AB waters sometimes when fantasising). As far as relationships go I'm pretty lonely, I don't even know if I got a girlfriend whether just having sex would do anything for me but I know I'd go absolutely wild if my fantasies were realised so I'm at a loss with my love life and I'm really unsocial IRL to boot, I mean I was adequately popular at school and subsequently college but when I change to a new setting I just ditch all my old friends and make new ones, I mean if they'd of asked for me I might of met up with them but I never initiate contact with anyone, not sure why, as a result only had internet friends since the last 20 something left my office. Speaking of internet this is where I'm spending most my time nowadays and, well, here I am.

    That good enough?

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    Ooooo, you got left hanging. Yes, that's good enough. I'm more into regular novels rather than graphic novels, but I definitely like graphic novels. I just don't go out to buy them. I used to get a magazine called "Heavy Metal" that was very cool. They had continuing stories which I looked forward to. Then suddenly, they went out of business. Sign...

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    As far as graphic novels go my favourite of all time is Alan Moore's 'From Hell'. I also loved Y: The Last Man, Maus, American Splendour, The Quitter. The Walking Dead is pretty good too (hate the TV series though, I can see why they fired the writers).

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    It is much easier to have many not-too-close relationships online. The flip side is one wrong word and they can quit calling as easily as you can they. Relationships are delicate things that need nurturing, but not too much sunlight and definitely not too much fertilizer.

    With girls try to invest in getting close gradually. I am afraid you're not built for enjoying one night stands and throwaway stuff; I have always known I am the marrying kind, and am at ease with that. It used to be very painful to be single yet not be able to fill in with disposable relationships.

    My inner circle is pretty small and gets added to slowly and carefully.

    Diapers are a form of solo play for me; I used to really want to try diapered partners and didn't like it when I got it: I don't ageplay and again, knowing others are into all this stuff is good enough. I want to try furplay when I get a suit (one day...) and babysit littles/babyfurs. I have done other kinds of roleplay and got right into it and this is worth a try. Eventually. With people I know and who could play in ways that worked for me.

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