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Thread: What do you think of the noise produced by the diapers??

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    Default What do you think of the noise produced by the diapers??

    We can ear that diapers will be send with no plastic, and that's why they won't be able to product some celebrate noises... What do you thing about this changement of diaper production, if your diaper make no sound when you walk away?
    To me i prefer diapers stay in plastic material... I like ear the noises produced by my diapers...

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    I would love noiseless diapers. I don't like the noise, it is just an annoyance which makes wearing around other people difficult. If diapers could be made so that they were silent, whilst still being absorbent and leak proof then that would be great for me

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    I'm in two minds about this... I'd love to wear around other people and not have them be able to a thinner, crinkle free nappy would be awesome. However, When I'm wearing and other people aren't an issue, I do feel like the crinkly noise does sort of add to the babyish feel for me... Maybe its because when I was a baby nappies were a lot noisier and thicker ?

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    I like the crinkling noise diapers make, it's part of wearing one to me. But, only if it's myself or (if it ever happens) if I am around another AB/DL.

    While in public, I would like a crinkle-free diaper, especially if it's in a quiet area. I don't want to risk "advertising" it per se ^^;.

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    I don't wear disposables that much, and cloth is pretty quiet, even with plastic pants. For me, it's less about the noise and more about the feel of the diaper.

    That said, when I do wear disposables, I am completely ok with them being noisy, and I prefer a crinkly disposable over a quiet one.

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    For me, the noise isn't a big deal - it's nice to rustle when wearing but not the be all and end all... However, I do feel that plastic backing is the only nappy for me, especially the feel between my legs - for some reason cloth backed feel like a pillow to me!

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    I'm all about the crinkle. I dunno why, it just gives me a buzz, like a constant reminder, a "hey you're wearing!". I get a kick out of it, especially when in bed, just a slight movement and that rustle is there :X.

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    Butterfly Mage


    For me, the crinkly sound is a BIG part of why I like wearing diapers.

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    I like the crinkly sound that diapers make and I personally think the louder the noise the better

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    I prefer quiet. I have never had a comment about being in a diaper from the look but have had the noise questioned. Having said that, plastic backed all the way

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