View Poll Results: What are your interests/hobbies? (besides wearing diapers)

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  • Gamers (computer games - online, virtual, etc)

    139 71.28%
  • Roleplay Games (paintball, other)

    38 19.49%
  • Sports (football, basketball, soccer, other)

    56 28.72%
  • Outdoors (recreation -e.g. hiking, biking, camping, etc.)

    87 44.62%
  • Movie and TV buffs (fans, followers, etc.)

    80 41.03%
  • Computers (programming, technology, etc.)

    106 54.36%
  • Intellectual (history, academics, etc.)

    91 46.67%
  • Music/Bands (artists, composers, vocalists, etc.)

    104 53.33%
  • Politics

    49 25.13%
  • Motorized sports (boating, flying, motorcycles, etc.)

    37 18.97%
  • Art (painting, sculpture, etc)

    52 26.67%
  • Animals (pets, horses, wildlife, etc.)

    52 26.67%
  • Religion or Other Practices

    35 17.95%
  • Photography

    44 22.56%
  • Social Group (nightclubs, dancing, other entertainment)

    25 12.82%
  • Fashion (clothes, hairstyles, appearance)

    14 7.18%
  • Cars/Trucks (collectibles, mechanics, buffs, etc.)

    33 16.92%
  • Gardening (flowers, botany, etc.)

    23 11.79%
  • Collecting (stamps, bells, artwork, etc.)

    28 14.36%
  • Organization member (school clubs, professional or community gropus, etc.)

    35 17.95%
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Thread: NEW POLL: AB/TB/DL What do you like to do . . . Interests/Hobbies (besides wearing diapers)

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    Question NEW POLL: AB/TB/DL What do you like to do . . . Interests/Hobbies (besides wearing diapers)

    By the fact that you are a part of this community, there is the strong likelihood that your interests include the wearing of diapers and associated activities.

    However, I think it would be great to better understand our community and who we are though a poll of what other things we like to do (interests/hobbies). Some of this can be surmised through an exhaustive search of member introductions and the forums, but a poll would be an easier way of identifying this.

    I love wearing diapers, but I also am interested in many other things, particularly the outdoors. I love hiking, climbing mountains, and riding horses. I often wonder how many others out there who like to wear diapers are interested in this same sort of thing.

    What is it that you like to do?

    The poll has some broad categories, and you can respond to as many as you like.

    Please respond to the poll and provide your comments.

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    Play a children's card came!! Seriously.

    Naturally There is more. I am a novice artist, I love techno music, and I love collecting plushies. I play video games alot.

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    I love:

    Playing Music
    Playing simulation style games, examples being Rfactor, Simcity, etc.
    Chatting with people online

    *shrugs* Me in a nutshell.

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    Video games, Facebook, playing and watching hockey

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    Skydiving, old cars, video games, and electronics

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    Video games and movies mostly, as well as sports (just watching). Listen to music sometimes as well, though don't really have the opportunity to play it much (mostly know how to drum, and lack the drive to learn other things).

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    Hmmm, just gaming and programming and a bit of tv for me really, I don't have much of a social life. I <3 the Internet.

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    Fun little survey, I wish I could get out more and do the things I like.

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    Firearms (plinking/defensive shooting, nothing better than destroying some cans filled with water =3)
    Ham radio (one of these days I'll have a good radio room, also going to the Dayton Hamvention :3)
    Computers (building/ Upgrading when I need too mostly)
    Some gaming (l4d 1&2, WOW, Portal 1&2, Garrys Mod, Minecraft, ect. I'm a casual gamer)
    Furmeets/Friends (love hanging out with friends and other Furries)

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