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Thread: Anyone Preordering Fabine Exclusives?

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    Default Anyone Preordering Fabine Exclusives?

    I'm just wondering how many people are actually preordering these. With the stories of ABU screwing up their preorders, I wonder if they are gonna get it right this time around. Another question is anyone willing to fork up a lil over 3 bucks a piece to get them? Do you think that they will be worth it? Dry 247 is expensive enough. I wonder if they are gonna offer it in the sample pack. Cause for 36 bucks for 10 diapers they better be beyond Dry 247.

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    Time will tell, I have my pre-order in and will know more about the diaper once I recive them and use them.

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    For 36 bucks for 10 diapers I'd expect at least a free Massage or something! No, and not just because I live in the UK :P. These don't look that good, can't hold much or then an abri-form L4, and that price is insane :O.

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    A friend of mine may be pre-ordering. We wanna... 'test these out' at a certain furry con

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    Ooh these look freaking awesome!! I wonder if it will make the price of the SDK and Cushies cheaper.

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    I will somewhat embarrassingly admit that I pre-ordered some. They are ridiculously priced, and I'm definitely not rolling around in money so to speak, but anytime there's a new AB themed diaper, I feel like a kid on christmas eve... It's so wonderful to even have AB themed diapers... I hated the fact that I couldn't fit into baby diapers as I got older and all the adult diapers looked way too medical and completely ruined the image for me.

    What makes it worse is the whole "super absorbency" thing isn't even that big of a deal for me, as I rarely ever stay in one long enough for that to matter. Bambinos are crazy overkill for me. I just like them because they're soft and cute.

    I'm a sucker for cute things

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    I won't pre-order but after some other people have reviewed them I may give them a shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loopy View Post
    For 36 bucks for 10 diapers I'd expect at least a free Massage or something! :O.
    Your massage is in the mail, you have ABU's promise. It will be shipped discretely and arrive in an unmarked trenchcoat.

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    There is no f'in way I'd spend $3+ per unit. They actually are, if their claims are to be believed, significantly more absorbent than any other diaper on the market (over a gallon?) - but the useful absorbency is what I question.

    That said, they're ugly, they have the website splattered across the front, and for that kind of shwag I could buy 24/7's with doublers and panel tapes and still have plenty of cash leftover for other fun stuff.

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    Honestly, I won't - I will not even consider buying them - not even if the store next door would have them.

    First: I HATE printed (especially "AB" printed) diapers.... (well I'm totally not into AB Stuff - but I don't even think it's cute).

    Second: 3 quid for one diaper??? seriously??? I'm not living on the edge of financial extinction but I am not made of money either... and it will be a fuckin' freezing day in hell before I shell out 3$ for a single diaper - no matter how freaking much they are supposed to hold.
    My Abenas or Tenas hold enough for a whole night without any problem - and at one point I LIKE to change (hygiene).

    I believe there are some exceptionally good diapers out there - but I never got the thing with all these "AB/DL Specific designer diapers"... overpriced...

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