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    Haven't gotten around to posting yet. So I guess now is a good time then any other.

    So my chosen AB/DL name is Alex. I have been into this lifestyle for about 3 years. But haven't really made any real attempts to presue it till the last few months.

    I live in the Okanagan Valley where I hope one day I can meetup with other AB or DLs and just relax without having to worry about anything.

    But in the meantime I hope I can make some friends online here. And possibly some gamer friends too if they play PS3 games : D And when the service eventually gets back online xP

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    Heya Alex welcome to Adisc nice to have yuh here , your looking for friends then you came to the right place, Adisc is full of people that im sure would love to be your friend, thats a pretty good intro, i may add do you have any other interests that you wanna post just to kinda bring in the crowd and see what all you and others have incomin.

    any how nice to meet yuh bud

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    Nice to see another BC member . I hope you have a good experience with this site, it really is a friendly community. Message me if you'd like. Are you into any kind of sport?

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    Guess I should mention I am somewhere in the 22-24 age area. But I don't bother to pay attention anymore now that I am of legal age : D

    Not into any kind of sports except Paintball. But even that I haven't done in years. Dying to do it again though. Or try out airsoft for the first time.

    For the most part. I spend most of my time gaming or on the internet (but I hate fad sites like Facebook/twitter/etc. so I avoid them). Once in awhile I try to arrange gatherings with my small group of friends or hold parties with no drinking policies. Since its great having fun the good ol ways :3 Like playing with nerf guns once in awhile. Even more when friends get into it as well. I am a big game collector to the point I got tired of having a room mate so I could dedicate a entire room to just my stuff alone :3 Like to go camping at least once a year if I can. If not every other year for sure. Not too many activities to do around here. But I have been eying this one rock wall climbing center. To try that stuff out again.

    That is all I can think of for now. If any more questions just ask : D

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