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Thread: Advice on ordering online,

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    Default Advice on ordering online,

    I know this one pops up all the time but I could be doing with words of wisdom.

    Recently I've really been after some better nappies, the local chemist I used to be able get tena flex from is seemingly not stocking mediums anymore, so I had a look online and found, they have been mentioned on here a few times,
    They are reputedly the cheapest place to buy Abena Abri-Forms, is this still so?

    Theres a few hitches to me buying online, I live with my Mum and I don't have a credit or debit card.

    According to there site I can pay by bank transfer, I know how it works for paying money into other peoples accounts, is it the same with buisneses?

    How long do they take to dispatch orders? Id need to order that long in advance so the would come a day my mums out, or if there really discreet with there packing I could just get them delivered to my grans.

    Oh and should I just order a bag or two and pay the postage, or buy in bulk ant get it for free, but run the risk of my package looking suspicious?

    You're opinions and advice please!

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    Oops forgot to put in a link!

    Bambo Nature

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    I'm not a fan of bambonature any more, they're still cheap, but they've messed me about far to often in the past. As for bank transfer, I think that's something you're best emailing them about, they'll let you know how it all works .

    Their packaging has always been discreet through, to make extra sure just order one or two packs, if you order a case it's more likely to come in the original box which has abena all over it. Usually, if you order by 1pm (and the money goes through) they'll dispatch same day, and most of the time it was next day delivery, so easy to plan for really .

    Personally I use Slightly more per pack, but slightly cheaper per case :P. They aren't that discreet though, not a problem for me personally, but yea... :P.

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    Ta for the uber speedy reply Loopy!

    Quote Originally Posted by Loopy View Post
    I'm not a fan of bambonature any more, they're still cheap, but they've messed me about far to often in the past.
    Want to spill the beans? What happened.

    Ill send them a quick enquiry in the morning, they list it as a payment option but its not there at the checkout?! weird.

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    Right I sent my enquiry about two hours ago, still waiting for a reply,

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    I had dealings with them a few months ago - I ordered two packs of M4 from them (only wanted one, but minimum 2 things in basket for some reason!). I emailed to discuss the discreteness, and I got a lovely reply back from them, and an eta for the package. It was delivered using a cheap courier, so no online tracking, but arrived on time fine! They put them in a plain brown box, perfectly discrete!

    I paid by credit card, and then had to change my order as I'd got the wrong size... (they still charged for the original price so cost like 50p more than it should). I don't know if they are ABDL aware, but customer service was good for me.

    Hope Loopy hasn't had a seriously differing encounter though!

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    I got my reply, not exactly what I was hoping for, Sorry we only take credit or debit cards online, Major BUMMER, and really not what I was wanting, something good better happen today, cos not alots went right

    anyone else got any ideas?

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    he has at least took down the bit that said about bank transfers,before

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    I'd recommend getting a debit card. You're 19, it's about time you had a word with your bank about setting up a proper account for your self :3.

    As for bambonature, my first problem involved a bad batch of abena's which had pin holes all over them, causing them to leak pretty badly, I asked if I could return then and if they could send ones from a different batch. They sent the same batch, and then called me a liar. Why would I lie about that? Then they sent another order to an address which I didn't live at any more when I definitely ordered them to my house. Demanded a refund which they gave me, but that was it, I'd had enough. There were a few other issues but I can't remember them right now :X Dorset nursing is so much better to deal with .

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    This is probably the best bet - only card I could find that has no charges for using it. - you can buy it online or phones4u, and you just top it up like a phone. Then you can use it online for payments etc.

    Is there any reason you don't have a debit card? I thought they came standard with most bank accounts nowadays?
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    I know Loopy has had some trouble with them but I've been ordering with them a long time & never had any troubles what so ever.

    Is up to you really what you decide but I've never had any troubles.

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    Thanks guys!

    Right, I don't really know why I don't have a debit card yet, I tried to get one when I changed my savings account, which I've had since I was 4 btw, to a current account about 2 years ago, long story short they wouldn't give me one, I was going to change to one of the big banks, but then there was the whole bank buyout thing and I left my fortunes where I thought they where safe.

    The other main reasons are am hella' tight and have NO income. I have a link card for atms and get by fine paying cash for most things.

    Oh and thanks for telling us why you stopped using them Loopy, Ill keep that in mind, mind you i've had pin holed nappies before and it never bothered me, mind I doubt I could have described the problem in Turkish anyway

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    Looks like a prepaid card is probably the best option then - you can top up with a set amount and then spend that online like any other debit/credit card - best of luck!

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