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Thread: does anybody have this problem

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    Default does anybody have this problem , and all three of this sites I have head people giving me their phone numbers because they are lonely or they wont me to talk to Thar parents. do this people not realize how dangerous it is to give personal info like that on the internet. does anybody else have this problem.

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    It's less dangerous than it used to be because of cell phone that might not even be linked to their name let alone their address. I have noticed that young people who grew up with computers are a lot less concerned with safety than people that cut their teeth on DPF and older message boards.

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    I give my cell number to people I'm good friends with. I can easily block them and it doesn't give my address, it just gives as much as my IP does.

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    Well still. I don't like people that barley know me and spent only a few mints with me on chat's and private missing to go "hay I don't know you but why don't you call me" and Thar all whas long distance.

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    I get to know someone a bit then give them my number if they don't use Instant Messaging. They all know it's for texting though. If they get hostile I can hit one button to block them and never hear from them again. Cell phones can't really be tracked back to a person as easily, and usually requires a fee to get anywhere. I closest you can get with a cell number is the city, and even sometimes that's off.
    I still don't think it's a good idea to give it to people you just met though, I like knowing them a bit and asking if there's another form of contact. Texting is too slow for me, and out-dated(And I've only had cell phones for about a year and a half).
    Really, giving out phones numbers is okay, but for texting only.

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    I think the bigger issue here is their motivations for wanting your cell number, especially since you barely know who they are. If you are young, that opens up the door of sexual fantasy. Better to go on "Second Live" than have to deal with them in real life. (That's a play on words, by the way...not to be taken seriously..the Second Life part. I thought it was clever..sigh)

    There have been only two people on this site who I have exchanged phone numbers with, and we both had a long relationship before that happened. They are two people I would walk to the ends of the earth for. We do have some great members here. That said, I think you are doing the right thing by not giving your number to someone who means nothing to you. Why would you give them your number?

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    i got people on line sending me their numbers and contac info and as well asking for mine. it is a stupid thing do cause any 1 could get in contact

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    I wouldn't mind if a good friends like babyjess and crazyboy who I've known since I signed up for this site but I'm talking about people that I know for like 15 mints or sow

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    Europe was looking at making registeration of all mobile phones a requirement as a means of combatting criminality. It is common practice for people to register their new (ready to go or pay as you go) phone and sim with their service provider. The lure here is to offer free credit (ex; €60) to those who register their phone.

    The problem in giving out your phone number freely, is that you trust the database of your service provider to be secure and inaccesable to everybody. All I can say here is that is most certainly not the case, you are taking a very real risk.

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