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    Default birthday wish

    today is my birthday yay. but thats not what im talking about now. i thought of this as i got up. what do you usaly wish for on your birthday. for me i just wish my life gose as planed.

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    When I was little I wished that I could be older faster or for a toy or game I wanted. Now I just wish that life continues to be good, although in resent years i've wished to age backwards rather the forewards.

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    Happy birthday Gamebaby! On my birthday I get up, look around and say damn, I'm still alive! OK, just kidding. I'm not quite that old. Usually it's just another day particularly if it's a work day, but I do think, "Yeh, we go out to dinner." Typically my wife and I will go to Red Lobster for dinner, etc. If I'm lucky, my kids will come in for a big dinner at home. My wife cooks the most incredible cornish hens. She uses soy sauce and brown sugar plus other secret ingrediants, and then stuffs them with rice. They're awesome. I hope your birthday is awesome as well.

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    First Off Happy never go's as planned, sometimes it get's close, but don't expect anything.

    Life is what you make of it, if you just sit around and hope to be wealthy it won't happen, but if you go out and make it happen it will.

    Whatever you do, just do the best that you can, and your life will work fine.

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    Footed P.J.


    Happy Birthday, dude. As for me, I have an ongoing, yearlong problem with my mother wherein she just sends loads of gifts my way from her travels. It's to the point where I have not decorated my own apartment, have have tons of stuff I don't need (like two t-shirts from two soccer teams that are rivals to eachother, and one of which is also an archrival to whom I follow).

    Therefore, I am asking them to limit it to donations to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - Home or to any of several community radio stations that I webcast on iTunes.

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    Ee, happy birthday there!!

    I can't at all remember what I used to wish for on my birthday... maybe just for things to go good? I'm just hoping my next birthday goes nice. DX My last one sucked.

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    I wake on my birthday now and wonder how I can fly under the radar as to avoid "OMG HAPY BIRFDAY!" from everyone.

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    Happy Birthday!!!!!
    Hmmmm i think i wished for a bazillion dollars wheen i was 8.......... and it never came true =P

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    From 9+, I've always had the same wish, that my parents, friends, family and the world are safe for at least another year. Before that, it was all selfish stuff. New toys, friends turning up, late bedtimes.

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