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    So, at the time of writing this I'm not crippled with fear. But I am shivering and sweating. I think I might have a panic attack soon.

    You might think 'Wow, something REALLY bad must have happened in her life to make her this way!'...but nope. I'm worried about the whole Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda thing. Specifically someone posted a link to an article about terrorists planning to unleash a 'nuclear hellstorm' on Europe once Bin Laden was captured. Everyone else seems to be able to discuss these things calmly but...I can't. My imagination just runs away from me.

    It may be a rational fear, but I've taken it to irrational levels. I seriously find myself unable to do anything and, rather than going 'It might happen, that's scary, but probably not...' I think to myself 'It's GOING to happen, it could happen any second, oh God oh God' if it's an inevitability.

    I'm like this with other things too. I'm always on edge; my Mum comes upstairs to talk to me or something and my mind starts racing, has she found my stash, my porn, am I in trouble, what have I done, ohgodthisisgoingtobeawful....

    I jump when the phone rings (I never pick up) or there's a knock at the door. This is partly due to an experience I had a long time ago involving the police; I'm always scared it will be them back to tell me I'm not as innocent as they thought and I need to go to jail. But even that's just indicative of my whole personality... EVERYONE has told me it's over and it's okay, but I still manage to convince myself sometimes that it's NOT and any day now I'm going to be carted off to prison*.

    I know 2012 is nonsense...I know this 'May 21st' shit is even more nonsense...and yet sometimes it terrifies me and, again, I become certain it will happen. I don't really believe in God (the small amount of faith I do have is for a celestial 'Daddy' figure, not any particular brand of religion), yet some days I get terrified that he exists and I'm somehow displeasing him and that when I die (in my mind, soon; this is also coupled with the fear of the world ending/bombs exploding... so I can't even say 'at least I'll go to Heaven and be happy if I die') I'm going straight to Hell.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm in a potential state of panic and worry the whole time. Any little thing can send me into a state of distress. Sometimes I have bad panic attacks, but not lately. I just feel afraid all the time. I know it's stupid. It's weird that for once in my life, I'm actually happy. I've been depressed since I was quite young, and these past few years have pulled me out of that. But now I'm too scared of it being ripped away somehow to enjoy it. I seem to have this mindset that 'any day now, this will be ruined, one way or the other'.

    I don't know. Any thoughts on this? Any advice? Any comforting words? :s

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    If Al Queda had access to nuclear weapons they'd have used them long ago (to be honest, I've been expecting an act of nuclear terrorism since the end of the Cold War, and it hasn't happened yet). They haven't even managed to pull off a dirty bomb yet, and low-level radioactive waste isn't that hard to find. Retaliation is, by nature, a rushed job - and rushing things is more likely to get them caught. Despite the media frenzy, the threat is no greater than it has ever been. Jihadists have never been short of motivation - it's competence they lack, and OBL's death is hardly going to change that.

    I can't really advise you on your panic attacks - I tend to worry as well. However, I decided a long time ago that there was no point spending any time worrying about things that I had absolutely no control over.
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    ^This is basically what I think about the terrorism issue. Well, other than "Please destroy L.A."

    As for the general panic issues... I have them too sometimes. But then I remember that I should worry about the present that I'm experiencing and plan for the uncertain future as much as I can. The most you can do in the present is treat yourself and others correctly and live on. And if the world ends... well, I guess that's it. If Jesus comes back on May 21st (which is ridiculous) and hates my guts? Well... I'd protect him from the WBC, who would get really pissed and probably try to kick his ass. Because I'm just like that.

    So calm down, have a nice cuppa, and find happiness.

    PS: I don't know you personally, but I have the feeling that you're a good person. The truly bad don't question their actions, so don't worry about that.

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    For any Christian who clames to know when the apocalypse will happen, just remember that, according to the Bible, "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only." Matthew 24:36

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    You just made the example that terrorism works, they threaten with something, and you are scared. I don't blame you, but the whole concept of terrorism seems to be working, even when most people are 'less' scared now.

    My word of advice is: try and think of something else. The more you will think of it, the worse it will get. Think of a positive future for yourself, a career, your social life, growing up in general.
    My own experience taught me not to get too much into politics, economics, ecology, religion, ... these things can not be changed by one, and are only food for the masses and everything you read/hear about it is probably biased, the media likes to blow things out of proportion, whilst hiding other things that may be important.

    The article I linked to came to my attention when published, because the person who made those claims, was being forced into confessions by waterboarding. If they every make me feel like I'm drowning, I'll tell them anything too, heck, I'd even lie, only to make them stop. Maybe that's what happened here?

    Just try to relax a bit, and think of nice things.

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    Don't worry they are just trying to scare us hence "terrorism". Anyway I doubt that they will shoot a nuclear missile at anyone (if they have them), and even if they did we can shoot them down.
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    Sometimes I get that panic feeling too and I start to not think correctly. All of my thoughts just get jumbled up and I start thinking negatively and start to fear things, especially with all of the news going around these days. But all you really need to do is keep a cool head, and just concentrate and think to yourself of positive things. The terrorists will not launch a nuclear bomb on anyone and if they could, they would have immediately launched one upon hearing the news of Osama's death out of their rage.
    You should have lots of things to look up to such as future goals or what you plan on doing in the future. You shouldn't have to worry about anything bad happening at all because the chances of that are low. Stressing out and fearing something will only make that fear worse and the longer you think about it, the more intense it will get and that fear will begin to haunt you. The best way to conquer fear is to face it head on, or to leave it alone and you will eventually forget about it. Remember, not everything on the media these days is true, and even if some tragic event is going to inevitably happen, you and everyone else will be ready for it. Just remember that your not alone and that you always have your friends, family and this community to back you up whenever you need it, so don't panic because you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Take a deep breath, stay calm, relax and you will be fine.

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    LOLOLOL i just found out about the May 21st crap last week, funny stuff.

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    Something else that I discovered that helps with panic attacks is a hot cop of herbal decaf tea. Then, go to a web site such as Cute Overload or something and marvel at cuteness.

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    The best advice I can give to you, is don't think too much about it & get yourself too worked up about it!! Just go about your normal, every day life & do what you normally do!! The more you think about it & the deeper you let it get into your mind, the harder it'll be to shake it!! Stop, close your eyes, take a deep breath in & let it out slowly!! Once that is done, open your eyes & go on with your day, not worrying about what you can not control!! I hope that helps, if not, you have us here to lean on, ok!! ^_^



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