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Thread: Which disposable offers best odor control?

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    Default Which disposable offers best odor control?

    I am not sure, but I have started to notice my diapers smelling like pee when I wear them. This happens the kind of situation where I bend down and air gets pushed out of my plastic pants, so I get a whiff of wet diaper. I didn't use to smell it. Now I do. (Totally contradicting what I wrote two years back:

    Hence the question to the knowledgable folks here: which disposable offers the best odor control for urine? Thanks.

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    I would think a diaper with a good amount of SAP would be better. But when pee sits in a diaper and plastic pants that doesn't allow much air flow its gonna churn up good in there and when the air is forced out, it will be concentrated. Baby Powder helps. It also depends on what you drink and eat. No diaper can really seal odor inside and the more stale it gets. The worse it smells.

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    I have found luvs to be not as smelly as other diapers.

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