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Thread: The late great George Carlin

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    Default The late great George Carlin

    He's not even cold in the ground yet and already I miss him. If you don't know him, I'm not here to coddle you and give you his life story, I'm here to tell you how awesome he was to me. Carlin was a legendary comedian.He picked up after Lenny Bruce and went through great lengths to end censorship. He was a master of the English language, and a great guy in his personal life. So ADISC, pay your respects. I want to know, What do you think of the legend? Oh, and one more thing, shit, piss, cunt, ****, cocksucker, mother****er and tits.

    Edit: If this thread isn't full of youtube links of his stand up routine in a few days, I will be a sad panda.
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