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Thread: Taking an Academic AB/DL Survey

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    Default Taking an Academic AB/DL Survey

    I recently took this survey from another website and thought I’d share this with others so that they could as well. Brian Zamboni is a therapist at the University of Minnesota. He specializes in sexuality. He has a survey that he is trying to obtain via the internet regarding the AB/DL community. Some of you may have heard of Bittergrey ( who helped Brian in putting together

    this survey. Brian is asking that his survey be made available for as many AB/DL community to complete. If you have any personal questions or concerns that you can contact him via his email: [email protected]. He is grateful to all who are willing to complete the survey.

    Brian has been Looked up in the UMN directory, etc., this seems to be legitimate.

    Brian has told me, "feel free to share with others. (I realize it is not really geared toward mommies and daddies). The more people who do it the better it will be."

    Please participate! This is a voluntary, anonymous survey about the AB/DL Community. The purpose is to gather and give other therapists accurate information about the AB/DL Community. The survey take 15-20 minutes to complete. Brian appreciates your time and consideration.
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    Shit 18 years old. Well that fucks it up for me. Eah I'll get the next one in 3 years. But seriously its good to know that someone is trying to get the proper idea of AB/DL inside the community. Maybe it has something to do with the registered sex offender who was on that article here. Eah the world may never know. Well no its more like the world may never care.

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    Sorry I should've mentioned that before hand. I took the survey but must've skipped over the requirement that you must be 18 yrs of age.

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    I took it anyway. The thing had an option in each question of under 18 so I took it. Found a loop-hole.

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    Too many questions are relationship-oriented or assume I have the opportunity to do anything it asks if I do. I stopped after the third page because I'm not suited for this quiz!

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    I'm going to be 18 in 5 days, so I figured, "Ah, fuck it, close enough." :P

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    I went ahead and participated. It's not like I'm saying anything there that I haven't volunteered here.

    The survey does seem overly focused on relationships, though it mostly just collects general information about AB/DL practices and motivations. The types of questions it explores make it very, very, very obvious that it was written by someone studying AB/DLs from an outsider's angle than an AB/DL himself.

    The very last question is something like, "Are there any other questions which you feel should have been asked? If cannot think of any other questions, enter NONE." I entered a short shopping list into that box, thinking of all the various things we AB/DLs tend to talk about and confront in our own discussions, like when we first found out we weren't alone, our level of AB/DL community involvement, and how private we keep this interest including who we've told. If the goal is to provide medical practitioners of various stripes with better information for helping AB/DLs, then presumably they ought to ask and get answers for the same kinds of questions which dominate our forums.

    Nonetheless, I'd be very interested to see the results to this survey - it would be nice to know what, exactly, the guy plans to do with these results, including if and where he intends to publish the results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by user13640 View Post
    I took it anyway. The thing had an option in each question of under 18 so I took it. Found a loop-hole.
    More than likely, that's to catch people who missed the warning at the beginning and your results won't be counted.

    I think perhaps this should have been put in 'ADULT Baby', as it's definitely only for adults/18+

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    I started to take it, but then I became extremely paranoid about my information being collected. I need pills, haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Possibly Insane View Post
    I started to take it, but then I became extremely paranoid about my information being collected. I need pills, haha.
    No fear your personal info is not harvested!

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