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Thread: Ever have a true accident? (and not be incontinent?)

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    Default Ever have a true accident? (and not be incontinent?)

    Well, like the title says.

    Because I just did. And I'm really alarmed... it wasn't just a 1 either...

    I was playing a video game and felt a fart coming on... but I got more than I bargained for...

    Should I stop wearing diapers? Like, is this sending my system the wrong message, that there doesn't need to be as much control...

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    Haveing a tru accident is all part of living. I would have to say it happens to everyone at least once in their life after being potty trained. The biggest problem is most folks are so embarrassed about it they do not want others to know.

    I for one have had more than 1 true accident in my past 40+ years after potty training.
    The earlyest one I remember was was I was around the age of 10, I was out I was out in the woods helping my father cut fire wood and I needed to head to the ouuthouse to dake a dump. Needless to say I did not make it all the way the outhouse. Yes! that is outhouse, we did not have any indoor plumbing in the house I grew up in, running water ment running out to the well and grabbing the handle of the pump and pump your heart out until you filled the kettle with water. Anyhow, back to the accident. I was 3/4 of the way back to the out house when I filled the seat of my underwear. I had to explain to father whay it took so long for me to get back out to the woods. He just laughed and said, well next time don't waite so long befor heading to the outhouse.

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    same basic thing happened to me on a camping trip. uber embarrassed...

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    Well, the above stories are a relief. I was sort of in panic mode and jumped on here to post, hoping to get answers like the ones above.

    Thanks guys, you made me feel better. Now if you could only make my up-coming finals go away, I'd be in great shape.

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    Well hard gas? Ya happened to me once on a camping trip once to. I was to afraid to go outside in the dark cause of all the noises and cause my older brother is a dick and he told me that there are hungry man-eating wolfs in the forest.

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    I think everyone has done a 'wet' fart once in their lives. I remember I had an old friend who literally did it in front of a bunch of people, and actually had the good humour to admit to what happened and laugh about it.

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    My wife, who has chronic intestinal problems related to serious injuries she suffered in her 20's, often jokes by shooting me a quizzical look, shaking her hips a bit, and asking "Are farts lumpy?"

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    Paging Dr. Antropov

    It seems that you, sir, suffered from a condition commonly called "sharting". Just make sure to check that any farts aren't carrying a load before you drop them, and you should be fine. If that doesn't work, take two aspirins and call me in the morning.

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    This reminds me of a TV programme I saw not too long ago (can't quite remember what it was though) in it there was a funny quote.

    *Warning Bad-ish Language*

    "I had confidence in a fart once (pause for dramatic effect) That was the last time I trusted an Arsehole's feeling"

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