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Thread: Ever Seen an ABDL Online you knew in real Life?

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    Default Ever Seen an ABDL Online you knew in real Life?

    I was poking around on some ABDL blogs via google recently and wondered to myself if any of ya'll have ever seen photos of someone in diapers or other ABLDness online whom you previously knew in real life? If 'yes', what, if anything, did you do?

    I'm not sure what the odds would be - but they must be minuscule. I have yet to meet or see anyone I know as of yet and do not anticipate doing so.

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    I know a few ABDLs and see their profiles on different sites but have never had an acquaintance outed. I am pretty sure that it will happen eventually if I keep delving into the local kink community though.

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    I once found someone I knew from school on a free dating website - presume she had the same intention of not paying for a dating site and googled "free dating". It was only from her profile picture that I knew it was her though, there was little else to confirm 100% I knew them.

    By that argument, I presume the chances of finding someone you know on an ABDL site are a lot slimmer, and for two main reasons.

    One, statistically the awareness of ABDL is low, let alone of any ABDL sites with a big community base - it took me a lot of time just to find the sites I trust using. Second, I would never post a picture of my face for the fear of someone somehow finding it; I even stopped using common usernames because of Google's spidering!

    It is unlikely, but possible, that I would find someone and not know it was them - due to lack of profile info or revealing posts. I expect the chances of finding someone based on a picture or personal info are very slim indeed.

    The question is, would I approach them if I did somehow find them? I guess, if I was guaranteed to never see them again IRL, yes. Otherwise, I couldn't get past the idea of both knowing each other's secret (regardless of the fetish - not just ABDL)... I couldn't even comprehend the idea of meeting for baby play/caring; anonymity is what allows me to be open about it all.

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    I've always had somewhat of an inkling that a good friend of mine, who I've known for years, may have an AB/DL side hidden away somewhere. Of course, it has never come up and I doubt it ever will. Even if it did, wearing together and acknowledging it would be too odd for me.

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    I've met two ABDLs IRL, and in both case they are people I had meet online first. Not sure if that counts.

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    My specific thought was seeing a picture of someone or meeting someone online whom you previously knew - but not as an ABDL.

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    You mean someone from the past, that you lost touch with but come across on an abdl site? Bear in mind what a secretive bunch we are; and also dyed in the wool. If we are on a site at all, we probably stick to that site, and don't make the abdl rounds much. Diaperspace has photos often but of course isn't helpful to under 18's. Mostly reaction to our little kink is negative, and we don't want it widely known so we restrict our details to other abdl's. Professionally successful people who want their private life private keep their habits known to a small circle and won't be found on sites open to all.

    All that said, the ab/dl's I know irl were met online first. Wait. One was the local dpf area rep; my meeting him occurred for the first time in person.

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    I met someone on ROBLOX but he was a DL. I didn't meet him face to face but I spoke with him on yahoo messenger and on the phone, if that counts.

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    I once saw this girl I knew from my high school on, the funny is that me and this hate each others guts.

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