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Thread: does anyone ever get lonely as a dl/ab?

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    Default does anyone ever get lonely as a dl/ab?

    Like sometimes I feel like there's no one who is into this, but I see people on the site. It gets lonely sometimes, does anyone ever feel the same way?

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    Yeh i kinda feel the same way right now. Im not quite sure why, i think i need to attend a meet or something.

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    Yep, there are definately times when I get really lonely and depressed and mostly when I very stressed out, for example right now I've got all my exams coming up I feel like there is no one I know who feels the same way I do. I just want a good friend to cuddle up to and relax while sucking on my pacifier or drinking a bottle of juice unfortunately I only see them a few times a month I know there have been a couple of times when I've been so lonely I've actually cried myself to sleep.

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    Yeah, I get like that before a diaper purge. I used to get lonely, then try to give up being abdl, then go back to it a few days later. Now that I've accepted being abdl, I just think about hypothetically meeting someone and it cheers me up.

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    Yes, I feel quite lonely around my diapers and crossdressing. I have a deep need to be seen while wearing, to have someone I trust to take interest in them (doesn't have to participate, just be interested in what's going on for me), and to be taken care of by a loving person. At least I would like to have real-world friendships with other DL's. I don't but I am working on it.

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    I used to feel lonely, as if my fetish made me an outcast from the rest of the world.

    Eventually, I realized that the rest of the world really had no business knowing about that, and that being an ABDL was a significant part of my sexuality, but my sexuality was a tiny part of my entire being.

    Certainly, letting something like this hold one back from forming friendships is not a very wise move. In most cases, a friend will not tell you the graphic details of how they masturbate or of what sexual positions they get into with their partners of choice, so chances are, they probably are not expecting any of their friends to tell them about their fetishes.

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    I understand why some say that your sexuality does not have to be a public affair - but I also know that there are times with friends when the talk turns to sex and things get uncomfortable. It's not fair that we have to hide our sexualities - sometimes I do think I know what it must have felt like for gays in the early part of last century...but I do not expect this to change for AB-DLS anytime soon. So we have to live with ourselves in the closets.

    I always thought it would be nice to have some AB-DL friends in real life but I've always though it was awkward when I did meet that is up to you.

    Finding a partner to share things with is also very challenging - but can be done with confidence and persistence. We are all here to help!

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    yeah. i really gotta meet up in real life with someone.

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    Hell yes it's lonely out here in the boonies. I tried to get in contact with others, but it's hard to when the closest one is 2 or more hours away.

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    It is very lonely being a *B/DL for the shear fact most of us dont have a significant other to share it with, so is life. thats why we have sites like this, this way we can atleast talk to others in the *B/DLism even though we dont know them or see them it does help

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