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Thread: Can't find Pampers Easy Ups Size 6 in Stores

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    Default Can't find Pampers Easy Ups Size 6 in Stores

    I have searched the forum and I did not find a thread about this. I went out today in search of the easy ups size 6 and could not find them. I went to 2 local pharmacies and even Babies R Us to no avail. I am curious of those who have tried these of where you got them or if anyone has any suggestions of where I can find them. There are a few more stores I can check but I would rather ask here than drive around aimlessly.

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    Thats a good point. I found a few packs at the Target and Walgreens near me, though that was about 6 months ago. Lately, I havent found any around. Maybe the stores are trying not to carry them as much?

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    I guess I will have to go to either Walgreens or Target tomorrow and report back with the results. Thanks

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    The only place I have seen them is Kmart. This is also the only place I have seen underjams anymore either. Scary thing also is that my local grocery store doesn't even carry goodnites anyone. All they have are Nite Pants and 2t-3t pull ups. It isn't even a small store or anything. Everyone is cutting back on products for bigger kids. Yikes. Thank goodness for online (wait a minute, is it possible that everyone is getting these products online and in store demand is plummeting?).

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    Before you go driving around why not just call up the stores and ask them first?

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    Could it be that since shelf space is hotly competed for and a given footprint on a shelf needs to maximise throughput for store & manufacturer profit, and big sizes just don't sell as much as smaller ones, they are getting pulled?

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    sometimes finding size 6 can be difficult in the UK, often the smaller stores will only have up to size 5, but most of the bigger stores etc Tesco will stock larger nappies

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    Kroger doesn't carry them in store anymore, pretty sure Walgreens doesn't either. Target still does, and I believe Wal-Mart does as well if I remember correctly. I'm not certain about Publix; haven't walked the baby aisle there in several weeks.

    Also, Pampers has shifted their sizing on EasyUps over the past few months from 4-5-6 to the 2T-3T, 3T-4T, 4T-5T sizing that PullUps uses. From what I can tell it looks like just a labeling change, not a size change.

    With the size label change they are more directly comparable from a marketing and shopping perspective to PullUps and other training pants using the toddler 2T-5T sizing. It also further distances them from the original marketing push where EasyUps were a pull on diaper (the first pull on diaper?) rather than a training pant. In that form they didn't have the wetness liner. When they shifted to trying to sell it as a training pant they added the wetness liner and rebranded from EasyUps diapers to EasyUps training pants but didn't change the size labeling.

    Hmm, and if I remember correctly, the original training pant was the Feel'n Learn. That was the Spider Man print (can't remember the girls print) and it followed the 2T-5T sizing model. Those were phased out a couple years ago into the EasyUps line.

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