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    Hello, My name is Dani, Male name wise Brendan, but who I feel I am, Danielle.
    I hope I can get along with y'all pretty well and I hope some of us can be come friends.

    My interest include art,music, comics, naturally video games. I also play Yugioh,Magic, and Naruto. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'll answer the best I can.

    I've been an AB/TB since i was a child XD, I had always felt drawn to diapers. It was something about them that allured me. When my lil bro was about 2 I sometimes stole his pull ups >.<(ewww boy pulls ups ><), but after he was potty train I sometimes shop lifted Goodnights, I had special double layer pants so I could hide them inbetween the layers. It's been years since I did that, I only ever had the courage to buy pacifiers and bottle nubs, But my grandma went thru my stuff and threw my eyore bottle away >.< and several of my pacifiers. Now adays I'm beginning college soon, I'm buying a cloth diapee soon >< and I'm gonna be with my love AKA Daddy ^^. I am a novice artist, but some day I'll be known for what i can do.
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    Hi Danielle, & welcome to ADISC, hope you enjoy yor time here.

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