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    Hi, my name is Kamil and I'm diaper lover for a long time. I was thinking about this a long, but I've never had oportunity to make this real. Now I can make my dream come true and wear diapers whenever I want, so I've interesed in this site. I'm wearing diapers to bed and I would like to wake up with wet diaper someday. Generally, I'm interested in technic stuff and working in IT company.

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    Hey Kamil! Welcome to ADISC! We would really like to get to know you better. Could you be a bit more specific with your interests? I'm not really sure what "technic stuff" is.

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    Well, I hadn't spoke english for some time so I got out of practice. I meant that I have manual skills and I'm interested in machines, mechanisms, electronics, etc. rather than art for example. When I was 16, I made furniture to my room on my own, some years later i built terrarium for my gerbils. Now I have 20 yers old car so it needs my hands to care it. Now it should be more clear what I meant writing that, I think.

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