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    I finally wet myself for the first time today and it was great! I was wondering what the first time was like for everyone, either wet or mess? I know I was really nervous, but it was totally worth it.

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    Leaked badly because it was a pullup. I was expecting it. Fun, wouldn't do it again; too much pee running down my leg.

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    my first time was pure joy. but then i was stuck in it for a long time because i couldn't dispose of it.

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    I had just finished, and immediately a family member walked into the house I was upstairs but was frantic in trying to get rid of the evidence.

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    let's see... the first time i intentionally did it was about a month or two ago, it was so warm and a little exciting. although i have problems with my health anyway, i leak out naturally anyway. this was more of a soaking experience.

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    wow yeah first times are by far the best mine was about a year ago now something very special to remember

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    I wet myself for the first time today. My mate has been wearing diapers off and on for over a year and I was finally feeling open enough to try it. It was a wonderful experience. I've been a control freak my whole life and its recently been causing bad stress episodes and we've decided to try out things to help with that. The letting go of the control of my bladder was amazing, at first I was a little embarrassed and was blushing badly, but after a bit it was so relieving (no pun intended) to just let go. My stress levels are down and I think I will continue the diapering. This may not be for everyone, but this has been such a wonderful experience for me.

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    Mine was in a CVS small size pullup. it didnt leak, even with my blatter full afterwards i sort of... you know...

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    First time was a makeshift diaper made from a large towel. One word: HEAVEN. I was so happy =)

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