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Thread: Did you try to post your diapered pics in background display on your desktop?

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    Default Did you try to post your diapered pics in background display on your desktop?

    I recently try to show my diapered pics or others - i've got full of diapered people pics - on my desktop computer in background display. I'm only alone in front of my computer at home, and you, did you "test" that experience?
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    Ummm no?

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    WTF are you saying? That you thought it would be a good idea to put diaper pictures on your desktop so everyone could see? No, I have never thought of doing that. NEVER.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharliePup View Post
    WTF? ... NEVER.
    Pretty much my thoughts after reading the OP's post.

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    Um... pretty much what everyone else said.... WTF?!?!?!?

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    Hmm... I had a babyfur pic of Tails in a diaper mixed in with my background cycle for a while. I thought nothing of it at the time and thought it was cute whenever it came up and figured people passing by either wouldn't notice/care or would just think it's cute too. I found I was mistaken when a friend I had over informed me that it may throw up a red flag to some people, so I took it down.

    But pictures of a real person in diapers? No... just no. That's just asking for trouble.

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    Pics of myself? NO! Pics of diapered girls I've taken or from the web yes.

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    just a bad idea in general, furry or cartoon characters in diapers yes but people NO.

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