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    I wonder, if any, how many people over 3 years old, wore diapers/pull-ups during the wedding session, whether it be the general crowd, guests, or the wedding party. I'm referring to wearing diapers/pull-ups for practical reasons only.

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    I've heard of bride's diapers or bridal diapers. A lot of women can suffer from stress or urge incontinence (incontinence when laughing or sneezing), or even just their nerves will urge them to go so often they will wear the "bridal diapers" which is a fancy name for an adult diaper or incontinence pad because it's so difficult to go to the restroom while wearing their wedding dress. There's so much kerfluff to all that dress lol.

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    There were enough portable loos around Hyde Park and Green Park and so on. Enough restaurants and hotels around too if people didn't want to use them.
    People must of been really blind if they didn't find any.
    Saw all of that on the day before.

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    I was in Hyde park. I can confirm there was no shortage of bathrooms. A London first!

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    I think one or two of the bridesmaid wore a diaper. And although they most likely were not wearing one, I was kinda thinking of the two page boys, because it seems like the precise timing wouldn't allow them to take a restroom break.

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