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Thread: Ingenious hiding places

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    Default Ingenious hiding places

    Just thought I'd share a hiding place that I've been using for the past few years which might help alot of you guys

    The attatched images should give you a good idea, but under most modern kitchen units (in the UK anyway) there should be a void underneath the bottom of the cupboard and the floor, leaving you with a 25cm high void that is as long as your kitchen to hide your stash.
    In my case, to access this storage space, I simply have to pull the wooden flap down and it gives me access, just make sure that when you put the flap back up its nice and secure, and there we go!

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    Cunning! Not though of that before. Only problem it does limit you access to your stash when there is no one else in the kitchen.

    The most useful and place that I've been using recently is behind draws in desks as the draw often doesn't go all the way to the back of the desk leaving a void that can be accessed by taking the drawer all the way out and off its runners. This space can be huge (I've got 4 A4 box files in mine at the moment )

    Also a lot of modern furniture has a void underneath it that can be utilised although not providing much storage height.

    On a side note my main stash currently lives in a cupboard, under the floorboards with carpet on top so hopefully shouldn't be found any time soon!

    Hope that's useful to someone.

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    Another good one is inside an old pair of speakers. The only problem is you can't use them while there hiding stuff because it will mess up the acoustics.

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    That's pretty neat, except like others have said, it does limit your access to when no one else is home to see you take them out of there.

    I think the holy grail of a hiding spot would be somewhere that could provide plausable deniability in the event it was found.

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    I used to stuff my crap in an old suitcase no one used.

    ....Until they needed to use it for a vacation. ._.;

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    i hide mine in empty xbox/shoeboxes/legoboxes in my closet

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    I put mine in an old backpack at the bottom of my closet lol. Not the most original but it works.

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    Lool, for most mine I do the back of the drawer thing but...
    A lot of my stuff is in a Hollow stereo x) about recycling.

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    I used to keep my stash, and what I was waiting to dispose of, in a suitcase on top of my wardrobe, being up high I found that it kept odours to a minimum.
    Now I've moved my furniture about I can keep a packet of pull-ups beside my bed and nappies at the foot of my bed without them being visible from the rest of my room since my desk and my bedside drawers block the line of sight. Eventually I'm going to make a built in wardrobe along one wall of my room where ill make a secure compartment for nappies and other ABDL stuff, along with general storage and somewhere to hide my tv and ps3.

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