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Thread: Hi, I'm new here

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    Talking Hi, I'm new here

    Hello. I'm the Conflicted Writer. Conflicted because of my constantly conflicting thoughts. I see the world for two people, though I am only one. One sees the bitter, dark, and sad side of the world. The others sees the children laughing and smiling. Together that's me, someone who has to spend twenty minutes deciding what's for breakfast.

    I'm very flip-floppy but I try to be solid where it really counts. Anyway, my interest in this site came from writing. I love to write and hope to be an author some day. My interest in diapers is for the feeling of them, and I love uber thick ones. I dabble a little in AB play, but only a little. I like a good diaper story, and hope to read some good ones here.

    My interest are writing(duh), writing, video games(though I tend to play RPG's or games with stories since I can't stand Halo), and riddles/puzzles. I just love a good puzzle. Want to here A riddle?

    "Forwards I'm heavy, backwards I'm not. What am I?"

    Take your best guess.

    I don't know how often I'll actually get to post anything since I'm in school and I have other issues, but I hope to talk about things just because we can. Who knows? Maybe my writing career will start here.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Good intro, you're not the only one with conflicting thoughts, I look at it as that I can see two perspectives which will work well for you as future writer.

    My guess for the riddle is ton.

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