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Thread: Can diabetes cause bed wetting?

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    Default Can diabetes cause bed wetting?

    I went to the Dr and had test done because i had a sore that would not heal. and he said i had borderline diabetes, gave me some pill's and said see you in 6 months, I've been wetting about 2 times a week for 18 months. scared to ask Dr. also I've had bouts of bedwetting but never for so long a time usuly just a couple of weeks every few years.

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    I have diabetes and tell tell you it has led to my bedwetting. Started just a few times a month a few years ago but is now every night. It could be that I started to wear every night just to be safe and my body un-trained since I was diapered but I have been to the doctors many times and they say the bedwetting is here to stay. I now wear 24/7.

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    another diabetic here, yes the diabetes can lead to bed wetting it is usually the cause of mine. depending on what type of diabetes you have and what your sugar levels will run at your body will overproduce urine in the day and at night.
    when my sugars are off I'm almost guaranteed to wet at night and probably have to go during the day at least once per hour, this causes dehydration and more drinking of water which creates a vicious cycle.
    I would say you should talk to your doc and ask them about it, they may do a A1C test to see what you average for sugars over a month or you can get the test at a pharmacy. the best advice besides seeing your doc is test often and keep the sugar controlled with diet if you don't need insulin. if you do have higher sugars you may need to talk to the doc about supplementing with insulin. at least with me when the sugars are lower I stand a better chance of a dry bed and not having to go constantly throughout the day.

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    Ive been tested no results yet and wondered same thing.

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    I am diabetic and this has lead to incontinece during the day and night. It was a few times and has progressed and know diapered 24/7.

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    My diabetes didn't cause my incontinence, but it definitely contributed to it in more recent years.

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    Sorry to have to say "me too". I think it is important to pick up on as early a diagnosis as possible because as a diabetic I am not only fighting the larger production of urine mentioned in earlier posts, but also have quite a lot of nerve damage which affect the ability to retain urine. has I not been diagnosed late I might not need to be in nappies 24/7 and might still have some feeling in my lover left leg and foot.

    This isn't to say anyone else will have the same experience, but it is worth having checks and ensuring you follow diatry advice, etc.

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    How long will the ic caused after the diabetes diagnosed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by foresteyes View Post
    How long will the ic caused after the diabetes diagnosed?
    Mine was within 4 years, I keep my sugars under control but is was just a new problem added due to being a diabetic.

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