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Thread: Favorite Character Classes in RPG's (Board, MMO, Whatever)

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    Default Favorite Character Classes in RPG's (Board, MMO, Whatever)

    Very off-topic indeed lol. Im just bored and mainly curious to see if we have any people who like their RPG's and have a class they stick with consistently :p That and Guild Wars 2 is coming closer, and Star Wars: The Old Republic...shew!

    I prefer paladins of any shape or form o.o Holy Warrior turning everything into neat little burning piles in shiny armor is always nice ^^ first played one In Elder Scrolls (close as you can i na game like that not official) and loved iitt.

    Anywho, I had to nerd out and gather opinions

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    I like playing archers or bruiser type guys. Like, in D&D, I play barbarian, because they're ridiculously OP, and their skills are just awesome. Jump 100 feet as a free action? Sure! Break a thousand-pound stone with your fist? Easy! Also they can totally bum rush people while healing if they kill someone on the same turn. Woop woop!

    Archers I like in computer games, because it's so easy to snipe people with their terrible AI. And, for some reason, devs always feel that they're underpowered by late-game, so they give them even more powerful stuff. Like, in Morrowind, the Dwarven Darts will drop everything - even the final bosses in all three campaigns - in no more than three hits. Hee hoo!

    But on grind-fest games, I always opt for mages. They always have AoE stuff that makes life better.


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    Very well spoken :P

    Typically I enjoy fllexibility in my class.
    Tank, check.
    Can support, check.
    Got Deeps? Check.
    Healz! Check.

    I also forgot to mention I love natural based characters for role-play reasons, such as Druids and Wardens. But I agree, Ranged characters are always underestimated lol

    (It appears Ive done it again and this would probably do better under the computer and games section, blah, I really need to start looking at things xD Oh well)

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    I prefer RPGs that don't have classes but that gets sort of hard to discuss in this context. In MMOs, I like different characters and seeing how they face challenges differently, which slows down my progression but that's not a concern for me. I think I had the most fun as an enchanter in EverQuest, provided I had a good group, but there doesn't seem to be a really corresponding class in other MMOs I have played (their versions of crowd control seem sloppy and unimpressive by comparison). I also enjoy playing against expected type, like using a generalist in a very specific capacity. I guess I just like to try different things.

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    I was a really big fan of how Final fantasy X-2 did the class system. I really liked the songstress that was unique to that game. but in general I really like the white mage and black mage.

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    Totally understandable there, I also dont mind good theory crafting and spread sheets lol.
    Everquest...sadly I never got to play >.< my delve into MMO's started with WoW Vanilla, and ended at the beggining of Wrath of the Lich King. Recently ive gotten reacquainted because of Guild Wars, lol.

    Dervish/Assassin <3

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    Final Fantasy is great ^^
    Generally speaking though, im more of a red mage :P

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    Hands Down i always try out the Primary healer, with everquest back in the days a "Cleric" WOW was "Priest" FTW. Iris online i go shammy, Allods well i havnt created a toon on that yet kinda havnt had the interest since i Downloaded it. now dont get me wrong i make other toons normaly after main heals i go mage or caster of some sort then what ever i feel like. but yea gotta be true to what you like. and as a Main healer come on your poo out of luck without me hahaha

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    Red Mage FTW!

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    I used to be big on mages and other spellcasters, but lately I've been preferring the rogue classes. Sneak in and wreck things, then run away. lol

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    Lol, my Paladin was Holy all through TBC, I just got the Book of Angelic Hymns from Sunwell Plateau I do love the feeling of life and death in my hands ;D however Vanilla I was ret, because ret was the kid who always got picked last in line raiding however, shockadin all the way! Allods has gotten better since the fail that was Gipat, of course, nowadays I work on my WoW Private Server, Cold-Fusion Gaming :3

    Ohh and rogues! High fivee, I never played one untill (again) on Morrowind I wanted to make an all Luck and Sneak type melee char lol. Theres something highly satisfieng about knowing your making someone go all Angry German Kid on their keyboard.

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    By the way, WoW is gonna be mentioned alot because it holds a special place to me, even if now I spend all my time on GW when I can :p

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