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Thread: Hi (smiles). I'm KnightCommander (handshake).

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    Default Hi (smiles). I'm KnightCommander (handshake).

    Hi (smiles). I'm KnightCommander (handshake). I like TV(pretty much anything on HBO Starz NBC ABC or FOX), video games(mostly RPGs and shooters), and books(Fantasy/Fiction and Action/Adventure), and Music(). I am 18 and a senoir in high school, and don't know what I'm gonna do after I graduate. I am an AB, a DL, and I think that I might be a Sissy(not sure because I once read that a sissy not only likes sissy clothes but also likes to be treated as a sissy(not sure if I could tolerate the second part)). I also love dogs(I have 2), italian food, and chinese food. My favorite books are the Cirque Du Freak series(books are way better than the movie). My favorite TV shows are Parenthood, Harry's Law, TruBlood, Spartacus, Being Human, House, American Idol, Naruto, Bleach, Bones, Tosh.0, and Breaking In. My favorite Video Games are halo, Gears of War, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Call of Duty. And my favorite movies are Die Hard, Zombieland, Wanted, Star Wars IV-VI, and there are others that I can't think of right now. So once again my name is KnightCommander(whispers; not my actual name), and hello.

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    Hi (smiles), I'm supersam (returns handshake).
    Welcome to the forums!

    Quote Originally Posted by KnightCommander View Post
    My favorite books are the Cirque Du Freak series(books are way better than the movie).
    I agree, the book was much, much better than the film (I think the film was pretty crap TBh).
    I also agree that all the books in the Darren Shan Saga are great books, in fact I have read and enjoyed all of his books.

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    Hello (furtive wink), I hope you enjoy (eyebrows raised, friendly face) your time posting here! (swollen thumbs)

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    Hi (grabs shotgun) I'm Red (loads gun) I hope you have a good time here. (Puts gun in mouth) *muffle* Anyway nice meeting you* (pulls trigger and its a blank) Eah thats life for ya. Lol but seriously nice to meet you I'm Red I hope you enjoy your time here.

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