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Thread: Any ABDL social networks besides diaperspace and diaperbook?

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    Default Any ABDL social networks besides diaperspace and diaperbook?

    I've been trying to find an AB/DL social network but have yet to find any thats not filled with creepy/rude/desperate people. Anyone know of any GOOD sites?

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    By definition that's how it's gonna be with Social Networking sites related to this. You might want to try fetlife tough since they accept a lot of people and most of them are not that creepy. It's a fetish site so yeah...

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    I would just like to pre-emptively remind people that we are not allow to post links to 18+ sites here on ADISC - just something to keep in mind when replying to this thread

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    You know, there's a thread here with a link to a Babyfur social network. Unfortunately, it's furries only for now.

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    Uhhhh.. I would say one, but you gotta be 18+.. It's not so much of a social site, as it is a forum for anime/diapers/roleplay/stories/anime and/or cartoons in diapers. Soo.. Pretty much by that you can look it up if you want to and find it in like 5 seconds, but I wouldn't post it for obvious reasons... *cough* RULES *cough*

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    Fetlife not only are there AB/DL's on there but other BDSM people and you can easily find others from your area and outside your area

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    You would be wanting a space that's closely monitored and moderated, that encourages mutual respect, discourages interaction that's tasteful yet not prudish, and tries, mostly successfully to allow free speech without there being offence. In addition you want a place kept free of trolls coming to grief the freaks and weirdos, as they see it, or generally misuse the site for their short-term amusement and the site's long term loss.

    I know of one social space like this for abdl's. Only one. You are on it.

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    Wetting Wonderland is the newest and friendliest site i know mostly a chat site though unlike diaperspace which is more of a facebook style site. But it has cam and voice chat and is very well moderated by Nikki of wetset and Daddyseaside (yes there are adverts for wetset and abdl sexy sites) its an 18+ site so no lil munchkins causing havoc

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