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Thread: Do you think they are more infantilist out there that are in the closet?

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    Default Do you think they are more infantilist out there that are in the closet?

    Alright we all know how hard it is to come to terms with our feelings, but we also know how they are so many people out there that have feelings they repress until it's unhealthy. So just think maybe they are many people out there that have these desires but don't act upon it because they don't know what it's called or just don't want to admit it to themselves... maybe they are truly more of us then wek now. How many times have people said "to be young again" or stuff like that. Currently american society is fascinated by youth, we want to be teenagers well into our 40's take a look at Britney Spears! Take a look at all the college kids and what not most of them are acting like they acted when they where 15, crazy, partying and what not. So what's not to say that they are "regressing" to a younger age.... Many people in that regard regress just to a different age.

    Lets look at it from a different perspective, how many times has your parents or aunt or uncle sat down and watched old cartoons. My parents do that every so often they watch cartoons of when they where younger. They reminisce about it and talk about how awesome they where.

    Lets look at it with this theory, regression seems to be all around us, people use it daily, maybe we take it a bit to the extremes but maybe some of the people wish to be treated like a baby, look at the richy rich people, they are fully pampered and do nothing for themselves, that is essentially a form of regression to an infant state in a way. So I'm thinking this whole regression thing is normal just how far you take it is what changes. So maybe some normal people want to go all the way... like richy richs or us.... Just food for thought.

    NOTE: By Out of the closet I mean fully accepting of who they are and have told a close friend (online or offline)
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    If I had to guess, based on my experiences being out as an ABDL and having an out DL boyfriend, I'd guess that 5-10 percent are actually out. Another 10 percent are not out but will at least chat online with those that are out. Another 50 percent do what my ABDL friends and I refer to as the three Ms: Monitor, Marinate, Masterbate. They hang out online, and some of them even talk like they're open, but they actually have no interest in ever doing anything more than chatting online or jerking in their diapers, despite the claims of wanting to meet people and do stuff. The rest are so far in the closet that they don't know which way is up.

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    I agree with xbabyx , A lot of people are just so confused by this that they don't know what to think of it. There are also people out there who have become "warped" because they have bottled these feeling up for so long because they never had an outlet for self-expression. This fetish is often labeled as "common", but while it is supposedly common, not many people are open enough to truly communicate with others.


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    that's an interesting thought. Maybe everybody wants to regress but people get stuck at certain stages of regression. Maybe some people want to regress to their past of diapers, others to their past of high school football. I think everybody wants to experience their past but maybe at different times. idk, interesting though

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    I think you have a good point, that for all the people even willing to join a site like this, there are many more that won't/can't admit it to themselves or do not really understand that they are not the only ones with this desire. This can be so self-destructive and could make someone feel slightly crazy from simply the knowledge that they don't "fit" in with society.
    Dragsnick, I like how you point out about your parents.
    "Lets look at it from a different perspective, how many times has your parents or aunt or uncle sat down and watched old cartoons. My parents do that every so often they watch cartoons of when they where younger. They reminisce about it and talk about how awesome they where."
    So true that regression has many forms, and many are completely seen as normal in our society.

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    I think that their are many ab/dl's in the closet then we know of.
    Until I got a computer and internet access in 2001 I thought I was the only one that liked to wear diapers.
    so there are problably many people out there who don't know about infintalism or that their infintalist's
    or some who keep that side of them in the closet for fear of ridicule

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    For clarification to my earlier post, when I say out, I mean out like being gay out, where one can mention it amongst at least some friends because they already know, where one has met other ABDLs and possibly has ABDL friends, et cetera.

    I make this clarification because there are a lot of people online who claim that they want to meet other ABDLs and that they want to chat and bla bla blah, but in reality, they're lying. They want to sit in front of a monitor, maybe if they're a bit more adventurous have a bit of diaper chat online with someone, and get their rocks off. Like one of my friends coined, Monitor (hang out online), Marinate (pretend they have interest in actual ABDL socialization), Masterbate (yes I mean that one literally).

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    I think there are a lot that are unaware of sites such as adisc where they can chat safely. There may have been some that ran more into other fetish sites and then ran away from it.

    With any type of group there will be the % that openly admit it and are comfortable and accepting of who they are. They do not care who knows.

    Then there will be the % only select people know like close friends and online community but no one else knows. Then you will have the % that think they are the only ones or have no resource for finding out otherwise.

    One thing I don't think was mentioned either is there may be the ones that know about their desires but do not act on them because they are in a happy marriage and hope they can keep their desires locked away or take care of it in private without the other person knowing... like not letting the left hand know what the right is doing.

    I'll admit I'm more of only certain people know online and people I personally know. I keep it quiet around family. I am more accepting of it every day.

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    I'm not sure that many people are actually 'out' in the same context one might apply if they were gay. It's a bit of speculation, but this really doesn't seem like the kind of thing one would openly share with other people. Like, 'everyone else' other people. It almost seems like advertising at a certain point. I could see maybe a large circle of friends being in the know, but not the entire local community in general.

    But as for the original question, totally! I'll bet there are lots of people who either don't access the Internet that much (as has been mentioned in the thread about race/sex disparity), or perhaps deny that part of themselves. Also, regression is a form of coping. Even for 'mainstream' people. It was in my psychology textbook. ^ ^ And yes, while being an AB/DL isn't the exact same thing and AB/DL's may regress for different reasons, people in general do regress to different mental states to cope with stress.

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