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    My name is... well my name is not important. I've been a quiet member of the AB/DL community for years now. I've been a diaper lover since I can remember. I remember asking my parents to let me wear diapers after I was potty trained. When I was four I would sit outside my baby sisters room trying to work up the courage to steal a diaper. I was an early potty trainer, so maybe that had something to do with it. My parents also divorced when I was very young. When I was eight I would take diapers that my sister used for her baby dolls to wear. but she eventually ran out. My diaper loving fell to the wayside until I was 12, possibly because I had a day wetting accident in 4th grade that was very embarrassing, even though I wanted to embrace it, I was already enough of an outcast. When I was 12 I began explore wetting again. It began with peeing in the shower, and began to turn into peeing naked in the tub, wearing toilet paper diapers, pooping my pants(when my mom wasn't home), peeing in underwear in the tub, and eventually wearing plastic pants made out of grocery bags and peeing. In 7th grade the night before a competition I was going out of town for I made the big step, I wet the bed on purpose and told my mom about it. She was fine with it and just washed my sheets. After I got home I started to wet more and more until she finally asked if I wanted to wear diapers. I shyly said yes and was in nirvana, I wore my Goodnights whenever I could, wetting every night until I realized camp was coming up. My mom wanted to send me with my precious diapers, but I was to afraid that someone would find out, so I slowly stopped. And that was the end of that. I had still hidden a few away to wear from time to time, but numbers began to dwindle as I entered high school. I was a fairly normal high schooler, active in ROTC and Sports, but I still dreamed of diapers. I moved out of my moms house and in with my dad I kept it to myself reading stories. I then found out I was going to a foreign country for this semester. Right before I left I poured my heart out to my best girl friend and she was surprised but accepting. We finally began the physical relationship I had been long to have with her. After about a week here she broke up with me because she couldn't handle the long distance. Now no one knows but me and her, I'm going off to college next year (fall 2012), and I have no idea how to express these feelings. So I'm finally turning to the one group of people that will fully understand. Hello my new friends.

    Quick Interests:
    Military(I have no idea how to reconcile that with AB/DL advice would be much appreciated)
    Music(everything but country)

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    Hi marcopolo

    I am new too and Just to say Hi and hope you have fun here and get to make lots of new friends.


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    Hehe, you're a foreigner in China and your nick is Marco Polo, I see what you did there ^^.

    Welcome to our little den of insanity. I hope that you'll find the answers that you are looking for here. Being an ABDL is indeed a little bit strange and confusing, hopefully our combined experience as a community will help you out. Anyway, now is the time for questions
    • You mention football as an interest. So, as the resident sports geek I must ask, what code? Association (Soccer), some Gridiron code (American, Arena, Canadian...), one of the Rugby code (League, Union, 7-a-side), Australian, Gaelic, perhaps even a more obscure code? Not knowing your country of origin, it's hard to make an informed guess.
    • You also mention wrestling. Do you mean catch (pro) wrestling or something more along the lines of freestyle or greco-roman?
    • Any particular languages that interest you more than others? Also, managed to learn some Mandarin while in China?
    • Is your interest in the military more centred around, say, military history is is a career in the military something you are considering?

    Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy your stay here


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    Sorry, I meant to mention I am from the US, so by football, I mean the one you don't actually play with your feet:P Arena is pretty cool too, and there is a decent team near my house.
    My wrestling is kind of like greco-roman, its called folk style. Its more oriented towards high schoolers.
    Mandarin is definitely my main focus, thats why I came over here. I like all Asian languages though, along with middle eastern groups.
    I am interested in a military career. Do you know any soldiers on here?

    I hope I'm not breaking the personal ads rule by posting this, or breaking a rule by putting an intro in the teen baby section. I'm sorry if I am. But I'm kind of epically failing at making friends on here... especially people my age(teens). So...
    I like foreign languages, I'm 17 years old, I write poetry, love sports and working out, think I want to go into the military(seriously anyone else on here that does also, I would love to talk to you and get your perspective). I've been aware of my DL feelings for as long as I can remember, but this is the first time I've reached out to try to make friends that are like minded.... Once again, I'm sorry if I'm breaking any rules...
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    Actually, you should have just posted this in the intro section.

    We're all friends here, to those that come for friendship. This is not, however, a dating site, and trying to troll for dates here is strictly verboten.

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    Hello Marcopolo

    As others have said, the teenbaby section is not really the place to be posting an introduction - making friends is a process and it may take time for you to begin to form friendships here on adisc. Your introduction is a good and valid way to meet people with similar interests to you, but of course it is not guaranteed that such people will see your introduction. We get a lot of introductions posted each day and sometimes luck does not bring the right members to the right introductions.

    If you are looking to make friends then to an extent you have to be patient; expect that at first people are not going to know who you are and that you need to spend some time contributing to the community before people begin to consider you as a potential friend. If you are hoping to make friends with other teens, which as a teen yourself is understandable, then spending time in the teenbaby forum is a good idea. Look at the threads which already exist and see if there are any you can contribute to with a thought out response - the more you participate in the forum the more likely people are to begin to communicate with you. You may also wish to look in the groups, not all of them are very active but they are a good place to find other members who share similar interests with you, especially those outside of being a DL.

    Finally, have you been in the irc/chatroom yet? At the top of each page is the word 'chat' and if you click on it it will bring you to the adisc irc room. If you don't know much abour irc chatrooms it can be a little confusing at first (I was very confused by it!) and it can be a little overwhelming in there at first, but if you stick around and try and integrate yourself into the conversations between members then it can be a good place to begin to make friends.

    Remember you are still very new to the site - it may take several weeks or longer to make friends and you may need to be patient, but if you are willing to integrate yourself into the community then you should find yourself with some friends here soon.

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