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    Looks like it is time to introduce myself...


    40-ish married male with 4 children
    Living somewhere in western Europe
    Working as an independent IT-consultant


    Exclusive DL (not into AB, furry, etc). Always had sort of a weird / eclectic sexuality, various fetishes, including diapers. Use them for #1, rarely for #2. This is a private thing so no diapers while family is in. Fully diapered a few weeks per year, when family is away.

    Couldn't say why, although I try to understand. It just feels good I guess, and probably has to do with a rather painful and difficult childhood. Always had to be "a good boy"... diapers might be a way to just let it go.

    Anything else?

    Spend too much time at the keyboard coding, reverse-engineering code, fixing bugs... but I love it. Also, sailing, sailing and sailing, be it on small or bigger boats, mostly racing. Love being outdoors.

    Ah, and I spend a lot of time "thinking", writing, reading, and trying to understand the general meaning of my life (and the universe, and everything, and why 42?!).

    Why this site?

    To be honest, mostly lurking. Not really trying to make contacts. First intention was not to post, although that may come. But reading what others write helps me understand my relationship to diapers.

    Well, here it is. I had to do this post to unlock my "lurker" status, but I have tried to do it honestly.

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    Welcome to the site! VERY impressive introduction! I do indeed hope you enjoy your stay!


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    Heya and welcome. VEry nice introduction indeed. Just one question remains: How do you remember your username? It looks like a computer-generated password.

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