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    After our wedding my wife and I moved four hours from our hometown. We wanted to get away from our relatives who had no sense of how to mind their own business, and were constantly interfering in our lives, wreaking havoc. It was one of the best decisions of our lives. However it had a drawback. Moving away from the toxic people in our lives meant moving away from the ones we loved.

    I have not seen my brother (who I told about my AB side a few weeks prior to the wedding) since the wedding, and talked to him only a few times. There was no fight or anything of that sort, it's just since moving we have been on conflicting schedules. When I have attempted to call him he has been busy, and likewise when he has tried to make contact with me. Tomorrow he is making an impromptu visit for the purpose of introducing my wife and I to his girlfriend. Something he has never done before.

    I could not be more excited about this. I love all of my siblings, but I think I would be lying if I said he was not my favorite.

    I honestly believe that the soul exposing conversations the two of us shared after I opened up to him about this side of me has brought us much closer together. I don't think he would have made a four hour drive to visit for the day prior to my sharing this with him.

    I know this doesn't really warrant an in depth conversation, but I am really stoked about his visit, and wanted to express it.

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    I hope this turns out to be a good visit for you hush. Anticipation can be a wonderful thing. I never had any brothers or sisters, at least none that I'm aware of, since I'm adopted. I did have two very close younger friends when I was in college. They were my two newspaper boys, and they would come to my off campus room almost every day. When I moved from New Jersey to Ohio, one of them came out to see me and spend a few days. Though I hadn't shared any great secret with them, I was still excited to have him come and visit. After I got married, both of them came to Ohio and stayed with us. Again, it was such a wonderful experience as I loved both of them perhaps more than I could have loved a brother. I hope that this visit is a joyous and positive reunion for you.

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    I am sure it will be. The only time there has ever been friction between he and I it is because of outside factors. One of my cousins, with whom I was once close, has always been jealous of how tight my brother and I are. He was INFURIATED that my brother was the best man at my wedding, and that eventually led to a falling out between us.

    My brother and I have been through a lot, together as well as individually, and we have a bond that is comparable to that shared between people who have survived wars or other life threatening situations together. The only other person to whom I am as close to him is my wife.

    Anyway, he is about to arrive and then the four of us are heading out to get some lunch. Thanks for the well wishes, and I am sure I will post later about how much I miss my brothers and the rest of my inner circle back home. I anticipate that after they leave I will be struck with some intense home sickness I am too proud to vent to anyone but you guys.

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