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Thread: Questions about God

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    Default Questions about God

    So I don't really feel like I can openly come to any religious leader with these questions I thought I would just ask all of you on ADISC.

    So if "fantasy sex" is a sin aren't most of us here in serious trouble? Especially me. Really my interest in diapers is only about 10% sexual, but still that's enough to bother me. If God doesn't want us to swear, or drink, or smoke would he not feel the same way about being an AB? But then I thought he loves everyone the way we are made? Its not like most of us knowingly choose to become an AB.

    Thoughts? Possible scriptural answers are most welcome.

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    I struggle with this too bro. At the same time I want to wear diapers, but then there's the whole sex part which kinda freaks me out. lol God still forgives us regardless of what we do, nothing is new to him.

    I hope this website might help you:

    Of God and Diapers: Do Not Serve Two Masters

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    Well, I don't think fantasy sex is a sin, and I believe the concept of sin itself rather silly, so to answer your question, no.

    I doubt that answer is satisfyingly to you, so ask this question to yourself. Is it more important to live a good and respectful life, or is it more important to follow to the letter the obscure, unfair policies of a god? To be true to yourself, or to be serve someone else?

    Just go out and live, you'll be fine.

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    The problem with asking what God thinks about infantilism (or anything else, for that matter) is that people generally apply their own morals and values to their interpretations of God. Some will say that God views infantilism as an abomination and others will say that that's just how God made you.

    I don't believe in any god so I can't really give you any advice on this subject beyond echoing what Babymullet said: don't worry too much about following old, biblical laws; just live a good life and be true to yourself.

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    When I was still a Christian, my conclusion on diapers, summarized in very sweetened and condensed form, was this:

    First, the bible has all kinds of admonitions against being wasteful. I had been going through really bad binges and purges because of guilt, where I'd buy some diapers, feel guilty, and then throw most of them out. That's wasteful, both of money and of diapers, not to mention all the other resources bla bla blah.

    Second, I wasn't committing adultery, as I had no partner, nor was I being promiscuous because again, no partner.

    Moving past that, I also wasn't hurting anyone by wearing. I wasn't putting out a roommate. I wasn't stealing to get diaper money. I wasn't skipping out on classes or work because I was padded. I wasn't harming myself or others by wearing.

    At that point, I could think of no reason why god might be against me wearing diapers.

    Now, I'm an Atheist, so instead of worrying about how god views my diaper wearing, I think in terms of how my diaper wearing impacts others, and ultimately, I'm ok with how that all plays out.

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    I am not religious and not well educated on the subject of religion so this is merely an outside observation.

    God made us, right? Yes, and therefore he made us *B/DL didn't he? So how could he think of it as a sin if he created those feelings within us?

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    In my humble opinion, sin is a concept that was developed by people who were repressed or ignorant towards 'different' people and the darker side of human nature. (By the way, I've never read anything about a God not wanting us to swear, drink, or smoke. Not hurting our bodies I can get behind, but swearing's a whole different ballgame. Maybe that's because I do all three.)

    From the Christian viewpoint, I think God would want you to love and be true to yourself and let others do as they choose. Only God should really judge you when you die and I'm pretty sure there's a quote from the Bible about that, but most people ignore that in its entirety. It's sad when you think about it.

    But keep in mind that the Bible was written thousands of years ago when people didn't have much common sense, especially in the realm of sexuality. (Which is why it's a great anthropological and historical document.) The whole concept of 'spilling seed' is the best place I can start on this. Back then, people didn't realize that a.) the male body makes sperm for (most) of its life and b.) even if the sperm is used to reproduce, only 1 out of the 250,000,000 sperm cells are actually used. Hell, even my grandmother realized that and it's null in her eyes now. And she's the most devout Christian I know.

    I can understand how it bothers you, though, and that's a perfectly valid problem. But I'd like to think that God would have a little more common sense than to judge you over something you can't control that doesn't hurt anybody. I won't tell you to not be true to whatever God you believe in, because I hold all sorts of spiritual beliefs true to my heart, but I will tell you that a creator would want you to be happy, live life to the fullest, and be good to your fellow humans rather than get your panties in a twist over what arouses you unless it's things that interfere with your ability to live a proper life. And, trust me, unless you're exposing your nappy to little kids, I don't think it's a problem. *It's my personal belief that fetishes cannot be treated if they're 'extreme' like pedophilia, but they can be controlled and coped with. Just to clarify here.*

    On a final note, I think it's funny that I have the Christian philosophy down more than most of the Christians I know do. Especially since I have this awkward fascination with Crowley and Baphomet.

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    in my religion fantasy sex isn't looked down upon, in fact it's encouraged.

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