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Thread: Were you toilet trained ok-or did you need help

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    Default Were you toilet trained ok-or did you need help

    I wonder whether many of us had toilet training problems when we were younger and how this affected us as D/LS. I was a cronic poop witholder and would often end up going in my pants till about 10 and my mum often used suppositories to make me poop. I never got to wear a diaper when i had a suppository but would just wear a tee shirt and undies. i also had the occasional enema also my mum would sit me on the toilet and try talking to me to poop it out.
    My bowel habits seemed to preocupy my world and i always dreaded my mum checking my undies or announcing i was going to "have to be helped" to go poop.

    I dont know whether this affected my being a DL oe not but i have always loved diapers since i was young and i think thats why i maybe pooped in my pants .

    Anyway anyone else got a thought on this.

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    There has never been any family discussion of any difficulty in my toilet training, nor that of my brother or sister. We appear to have come through that with fair rapidity and no noteworthy difficulties. I recall wetting the bed once as a child and I'm very glad that never happened again. In short, I don't think that's at the root of my ABDL thing but I could see how it might be for someone else.

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    I don't really remember and nobody really talks about it. As much as I am interested in my past its not something that I try to extract information about from my parents since they already know about my AB tendencies and I don't want to encourage them to look into them. (Teddy, Blankie, Paci)

    I am pretty sure that an incident at daycare when I was young is the trigger for my AB side if there is a specific trigger.

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    Awful problems o.O Then again the first daycare I went to was horrible *shivers*

    I didnt really get under control till like 4 xD?
    Didn't start till I saw it on rugrats, oh yes.

    Wow this is akward o.o

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    I was really young and my parents didn't exactly force it on me, I never felt cheated or anything. My interest in diapers didn't manifest until much later and I don't think is really related to anything obvious like that. My sister on the other hand refused potty training till much later in large part because she's just stubborn.

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    I was adopted at age two and most likely was in an adoptive orphanage, since most parents wouldn't wait until their child was two to put them up for adoption. I also had an old ratty teddy bear when my adoptive parents got me, and I'm sure it was from the adoptive agency/orphanage. That said, I can't imagine they did a very good job or even tried to potty train me.

    I know that my adoptive parents (my parents) had me in diapers until I was potty trained, so I'm sure it took a while. I first realized that I wanted to be back in diapers when I was 4 years old, and have passionately wanted to be in diapers ever since. What ever happened to me, happened early in life, but no one ever talked about such things and so it is a mystery.

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    The way my mom tells it I was pretty much toilet trained in one day. I dont believe it to have been one day, but i gather that it was really fast. She did it in the most unorthodox way possible though; let me watch a whole bunch of Mickey shows/movies then gave me Mickey underwear and told me not to get him wet...strange parent is strange. But no, i don't think that it was this that lead me to being a TB. Though, i am in the same boat as dogboy in the fact that i realized at a very young age that i wanted to wear diapers again (around 4 as well).

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    I think I was hard. I remember wetting the bed until about 7 and having regular daytime pants wettings until about 10, I got really good at hiding the evidence though. I never wanted to stop what I was doing to go. I think I had my last real accident when I was 12 (no joke). When I was about 6 or 7 my parents came into my room one night and told me they were going to put me back in diapers. I pleaded with them not too and they agreed. I'm to this day kicking myself for that!! I think all that is part of the reason I'm a DL but I've been a DL for as long as I can remember.

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    I remember having one of the training potties in the bathroom that had the lid that snapped onto the big toilet seat so i could use it. I was excited to get to use it for a while and then the novelty wore off and I wanted to be back in diapers but by then it was kind of too late to go back.
    took me a while to get it and when i did i wanted back but i guess I really didn't have too much trouble.

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    I had some trouble at for awhile. But my parents never really forced it on me.

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