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    Hello all, figured I should introduce myself here seeing as I've been lurking for quite a whiles now. I'm a babyfur as well as a diaper lover, but it's only something I've had the courage to admit to myself in the past several months or so. Finding this place on Google and just browsing through a lot of the posts and stories though really helped with the whole self acceptance thing, and I've been slowly discovering my own small local babyfur community, which has been very supportive ^^

    Beyond that uh, I'm into furry obviously, black and white domestic kitty with anime red hair. I'm also just about to finish my bachelor of arts in history, which is probably my biggest passion. I'm crazy about history, especially English history. I hope to one day incorporate it all into fiction writing because I also love books and used to write quite a bit until I started university; now it seems like all I've been writing is essays, heh.

    Uh, what else? Gaming, gaming of all kinds, especially adventure games (If you know what Gabriel Knight is, you can be my best friend :P), various fantasy and sci-fi stuff, Lego... oh and I knit, or am learning to. But it's manly knitting. Ok not really, but I'm always getting people coming up to me all shocked and going "You're a guy and you're knitting!" Why yes, yes I am. Thank you for informing me, I wasn't sure for a second there.

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    Hi, welcome to the site! And thanks for a great introduction, you sound awesome!

    I'm really glad you've been able to get some self-acceptance from here, I know I have gone through a long path of acceptance since joining here!

    What exactly do you mean by English history? The history of the English language, or the history of England as a country?

    I share your pain with university, it seems like you do the degree because you enjoy the subject, and somehow they take most of the fun out of it! I hope you'll be able to get a good set of topics for writing books though!

    I'm afraid I've only vaguely heard of Gabriel Knight - I'm more of an FPS/3rd person shooter/platform gamer; occasionally delving into soccer and racing games!

    I love the Lego games, though I haven't used actual Lego for about 10 years now... not fair!

    What sort of knitting do you do? Crochet? Or full-on knitting? Do you knit anything in particular?

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