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    Anyone heard of schnuffel bunny? To be honest I like the music. to actually tell the truth this music actually for some reason helps me fall asleep. If anyone wants to know Schnuffel is a boy and an animated character... The singer of Schnuffel bunny is unkown so the artist would be called Schnuffel. One of my favorite songs from it is Sleepy Snuggle. Hope you enjoy it!

    YouTube - Schnuffel-You and I

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    I actually really like the Schnuffel bunny. I saw the commercial for the ringtone on tv at some point, and googled it. I enjoy the cutesy voice with the soft techno/bubblegum pop sound of the music. I've always enjoyed that kind of stuff, and I have no idea.

    I like the snuggle song (Both the regular and acoustic), Sleepy Snuggle, and I love you so. Those are really the only ones I listened to so far...

    I kinda want to download the Winterwonderland album to hear all of them with some kind of decent quality, as youtube can only do so much.

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    After this post I'm going to click that link, and lay down to it as I go to sleep. I have my days and nights mixed up despite working on turning them back around. I also originally heard about the bunny from the ringtone commercial. I covertly looked it up and listened to the song. I also added it to my playlist in a kids folder.

    It would be great to see more kid music that's similar in design.

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    I've seen this around the past few years. A friend of mine's daughter can't get enough of this guy.

    I downloaded the video and made a copy of it for a another friend of mine when she was having a particular bad time. She told me it made her feel better.

    At first, I didn't find it amusing, but rather annoying but the critter has kinda grown on me. lol.


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