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Thread: Im new to the site

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    Default Im new to the site

    hey im Cj i have an interest in diapers orther than diapers i have an interest in real estate, design, photography and fashion. Im looking for new friends to hopefully meet one day,

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    Welcome to the site.

    I almost wanted to do Real Estate until the market crashed. Photography is something I could get into though.

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    Whoa there! meeting people comes in time, and I know how eager a person can be to meet others of the same interests, especially given the relative rarity of ab/dl's. But you must know Adisc isn't designed to be a dating site, there's diaperspace for that and the over18 sites.

    Taking time to get to know people - as in months - is worth it for mutual safety, ensuring compatibility, lots of reasons. I get that it is exciting to know there are others, but given how big we and the other diapersites are, there really are tons of people around, enough a person can afford to be selective.

    Now I can be pretty sure there are at least a dozen abdl's in Edmonton, who are adult and mobile and sociable; My guess is 3 or 4 times that in the big TO.

    You gave some interesting topics up there, would you mind supplying some examples? Then we can figure out a bit more as to how compatible you'll be with a given one of us.

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    Welcome to the community. As you go about reading the post and searching the post you will find that there is more here than what you would think. Join in on topics of interest and even start some of your own.

    I find you interest and hobbies really cool. If you stop and think about it, you can use each one you have listed when dealing with Real Estate.

    Again, welcome aboard and join in.

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    yeah im considering both at the moment but just cant decide! lol

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    It's when the market has crashed you want to speculate in real estate!! Pennies on the dollar! Donald Trump says so, and on that I agree with him. Buy a single detached on a bus route with a basement with its own entrance, a foreclosure. And in 20 years you will look back to now...

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