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    Anyone ever had a mentor on here? I think it would be pretty cool. Anyone want to be mine ?

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    I looked at your 11 posts and I have some advice for you. Read more and post more, especially about what's important to you. Give people an idea of what you need help with before you ask for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephy View Post
    Could you define what you mean by mentor?
    This. I've been mentored for things before, and I've mentored before.

    The big thing is, what do you need a mentor for, what value would a mentor bring you, and why would a mentor spend their time with you?

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    I really value the role of mentoring and have acted as a mentor for people in both a professional and personal way in different contexts.

    For mentoring to really work you need to have a very clear idea of what you want or expect from the mentoring relationship (see what angelfallenfar wrote above).

    Are you just looking for someone to chat with about nappies or are you really looking for someone to help you grow and mature in this aspect of your life?

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