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Thread: Abri-san as a stuffer?

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    Default Abri-san as a stuffer?


    Has anyone tried an M4 or L4 (Abri-Form X-Plus medium or large) and use a Abri-San size 11 (most absorbent) as a stuffer? I wonder how it would work out?


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    I haven't used that exact combination, but I tried the Tena Ultimate pads before. They swell quite nicely. Just make sure you poke it enough so it will leak through. Also the adhesive helps to keep it in place. Heh I stuffed 2 quadro pads into a dry 247. That took forever to get it damp. Just have plenty of time on your hands. It'll take a while before its soaked. It'll be like if you were wearing a double x plus lol.

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    I imagine that you'd do better to just go for the Abena Abri-Let soakers and be done.

    OR, you could just use size-6 baby diapers. They hold a ridiculous amount for as small as they are, and they're considerably less expensive!

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    I prefer the Abri-let Maxi booster pads because they fit in between the leak guards.

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