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Thread: computer setup

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    Default computer setup

    Just post pictures of your desk and your computer area, I would like to know where I'm talking to you guys from XD... Mine isn't that gr8 but meh XD.

    Im working on getting a new monitor and a new case... and I'm moving into another room soon and going to have a nice desk setup hopefully =D. And yes I do realize it's messy -.- XD

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    I just have a laptop and some random stuff like blank CDs, glue and earphones.

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    mm3 nice setup, and i saw your hand XD, how many monitors do you have?

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    Nice camera is broke so I can't take any pics of my current setup (new, since I moved) but I'm buying my sisters old camera off her, so when I get it I'll take some new pics.

    In the mean time here's my old desk setup (yes I realize it was messy :P my new setup is pretty much the same, only messier)...

    And my TV setup at my new place (it doesn't show the stuff below the tv.. there's an Onkyo 5/1 receiver, a Zenith DVD Player, A PS2, and a low profile computer running windows media center - I've since fixed the black bars on the sides - got me a HDMI to DVI cable)....

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    Yeah once I get a summer job... dunno what im going to do though since it's pretty much to late to sign up for any jobs -.-, probably just going to babysit or pressure wash driveways -.-, I'm going to either buy a whole new computer customized, or I'm going to just get new computer parts. Then I'm going to change my computer set up like crazy...

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    Samaki, That is an interesting keyboard to type on! :P oh, Andystera, you playing the Sims? I didn't know people still play that game.

    I think we should have contest of who has the messeist desk :P
    That was ages ago, it is much clean now. I just got to get a working camera for it.

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    lol it looks like u have 7 computers and 3 monitors LOL. And yeah my keyboard is on a keyboard tray XD... although I'm thinking about getting rid of it once I get my piano keyboard setup on either a stand or table...

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    When/ I finally get my room setup the way I want it, the desk will be over by my window and then I'll have my piano on either its stand or a table, so that it makes a kind of L shaped desk that will create a little space between it and the wall, then I will have my TV like right behind my computer and my bed will be on the wall opposite my tv... kinda complicating I know but I'll take pics of my whole room once we're done, I can't do it now because it's a MESS... maybe if I clean it up.

    Alrgiht I cleaned it up as good as you can in 5 minutes so I took some good pics XD.

    A look at my room from the doorway.

    A look from my closet =0 you rapists!

    a look from my computer area.

    a look from the side away from my closet XD

    a look from my bed

    a look at my planet chair, out the window and my music stand for flute, and no I'm not practicing Cats for flutes, thats for piano i just have no where to put it as of now.

    Picture of my computer area from my dresser area.

    And this is for unmarth XD My keyboard, and that little black thing sitting on the chair, my new clip on mic, its REALLY nice.

    and yes I know they are pretty blurry, but they were quick pix XD, might update them l8er.
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    For those who are interested -- 9 total working PCs, 17 total non-operational PCs (missing simple pieces... mobos, CPUs, RAM, etc...). 4 laptops, so that's 4 monitors I suppose -- then a CRT for the server, two 17" LCDs, and a 15" LCD. so, 8 monitors.

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