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Thread: CVS vs Walgreens

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    Default CVS vs Walgreens

    There is both a CVS and a Walgreens near my house (the CVS is closer but I dont care) and soon I want to bike (with my backpack to hide the diapers) to there and get either GoodNites OR generic "Sleep Pants" (can't decide which) and I also does anyone know if Attends Extra Absorbent Breathable Briefs are sold at either? Because I really like those (yes I prefer cloth backing) And I know they have the store brand briefs but those are 32-44" waist and I am about 30" so they might be too big.

    Also I need to know if Walgreens or CVS have self-checkout and possibly which store is cheaper. I am also worried if I go in and buy the diapers (and some other things) with my usual clothes/shoes anybody there might see me again and remember I bought diapers.

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    The CVS i went to had great store brand and a self-checkout, i didnt check the goodnites/pullups area though. That same day i went to a Walgreens before CVS and all they had were pull-up style pants , i dnt remember seeing any attends, depends on the store most likely.

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    I'd go with the goodnites over the sleep pants, much better quality and more comfortable.

    And don't worry about the register, they won't even bat an eye. I buy them all the time from different places and no one has treated me any differently or said anything. I was always paranoid about that when I first started buying, a couple of times I would leave the store and sit in my car sweating and shaking, but everyone assumes you're either buying them because you need them or buying them for a family member. No one even considers that you're wearing them for pleasure. Don't worry about that.

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    If you're really worried, just grab the girls goodnites. As many people on here will tell you, the girls have padding where older teens need it. IF you can handle the girl prints, they're pretty good!

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    But I got a sample of the Boys GoodNites and they fit me fine and I like them. So that would be what I get.

    And the Attends Extra Absorbent Breathable briefs Size Small (20-31" fit me PERFECTLY) which I also got in a sample I LOVED. But if they're not sold in CVS or Walgreens either store brand briefs which are like 32-44" would be too big. And I don't really want Depend Fitted Maximum protection because 6 tapes and a plastic cover doesnt really appeal to me :\

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    CVS vs Walgrens is really a wash when it comes to competition pretty much the same stores price wise.

    Yea the goodnites are the best to go with. I have tryed the sleep pants but they arent quite as good, but they are plain white if thats what your looking for.

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