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Thread: Hello i am new to this site.

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    Default Hello i am new to this site.

    Hello i wanted to say hy.I am 18 and i am visually impaired.I also got diabetes.I live with my mommy and she is my girl friend too.We met in a park.And i telled her my life storry.She put her arm around me after i telled her.Then we came girl friend and boy friend.I was diagnose with a brain tumor.I was diagnose when i was 3 years old.I was in hospital and out of hospital i don't know how menny times that year.Now i am 18.Me and mommy met on my birth day.That is my 18th birth day.I was diagnose with diabetes when i was 17.But i am happy now i got mommy and she is my life.I am the adult baby.And she is the mommy.I wear bambinos diapers.When i am bad for mommy i can get 1. A spanking 2. A enema.And other things but being bad and being punish makes me happy because it makes me feel secure but mommy is in charge.I am sorry but some of the spelling is rong.Because of my site lost.I have to use a thing called jaws.What tells me what is on the pc and tells me what i have rote.But it can get it rong some times.Jack is my name.

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    Hi there sillylion! Welcome to ADISC!

    You've told us a lot about how you met your "mommy" and suchlike, but very little about you as a person. What sort of things are you into? Do you play sports? Knit? Have a favourite music artist?

    Tell us more

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    MMM The enemas and punishments don't interest me; but I am very happy for you having such a great Mommy. though. Is it helpful if we type in all caps? Are we to take your name as indicating anything furry?

    Welcome to Adisc; let us know we can be helpful.

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