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    Hy i am jack.I am visually impaired and i got diabetes.I live with my mommy who is my girl friend too.She looks after me and takes me to bowling.When i need to goe.You see i play with a visually impaired group.Its grate i need to just get out some times.And now i have a bit of writing about my ab life.
    Look at the book.
    The black knife.
    The blood on the pages.
    And i see your smile.

    Don't you know.
    I am sad.
    Colled on my arms.
    I love you but don't want to let goe.

    Of a adult life.
    Your sex dreams.
    May be strong to see me a baby again.
    But if my friends new.

    My life would be taken away.
    I love the blowe jobs.
    And i love you.
    But to know what you want blowes me away.
    I am sorry if i made some spelling mistakes but my girl friend is at work.And i have to use a thing called jaws.What tells me what i am writing but it is not that good.And that poem is called sex dreams.The thing is i like being a ab.But i am scaired of what my friends would say if thay find out about my ab life.

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    Ah. Welcome to the site. What you have sounds interesting, I never knew there was a program like that. I hope you find your time on the site enjoyable and reassuring. There wasn't too many spelling mistakes, it came out well.

    I have to say, I blushed a bit while reading your intro. Not that your poem was bad, it really wasn't. It was just bit a more graphic then I was expecting. It seems like you have a lot of great ways to express your inner thoughts, and I'm sure that it helps to get them out like that.

    It's natural to be afraid of what people would think. Do you feel like it is something that needs to be told to them? Like, I know that because my own issues tend to be more about regressing and less just sexual fun I can sometimes feel like I'm lying to my friends when I don't tell them that I'm a child at heart and a lot of the times in mind. That's because I don't feel like they are getting a good idea of the real me otherwise. If it's just something you enjoy doing with someone special in your life, I would hope that maybe you could just keep it personal and special and just have fun with your friends and your other interests.

    I understand there is always the fear that they would find out anyway. Just know that we are here to support you, and I hope that you can find more people who accept you. There is bound to be plenty around, all you have to do is take a little leap.

    What sorts of things do you like doing with your friends, other than bowling? I've never been bowling, I've only played bowling games which I'm pretty sure aren't the same. *giggles*

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