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    Default hello world of adisc

    hello, i am me. <-- i pause here unsure what else to type
    i'm...always doing the things i want to and being defiant to anything non fun, ie college, house chores, and i could go on.

    i... am in my mid 20's in a relationship,

    i have a powerful interest in regression and am actively pursuing it as a lifestyle in any way i can.

    i love video games i play ps3, fallout games, dragon age, resident evil (bigger fan of the first res evil games then the newest ones.) i play pc games mine craft, half life, all the ones that come to mind right now,

    i love snowboarding, i cant describe in words how amazing it feels to board down a mountain, such an incredible rush.

    i love music, the main thing i focus on is what the artist is actually trying to express, art is after all a form of expression, most often their expressions lye in the lyrics, and often cryptically so, that said i enjoy all forms of music be it rap blue grass metal rock pop jazz anything, but only if i come to understand whats being expressed is sincere and good,
    musicians putting satanic themes into their expressions i think should all jump off a cliff.

    i'm what some would call a conspiracy nut, once you start researching conspiracies the evidence that gives them ground is often very shocking and prominent, so much so it is often surprising to see the amount of doubt and skepticism engrained in people, i digress...

    i have come to this site particularly to look for advice and help, i have some social anxiety's about going out in public, it mostly revolves around now being 247 diapered, this ill discuss in another thread,

    i also am glad to have found this site to maybe make some new friends, learn some new things.

    btw i had to use the cheat sheet to overcome writers block as i stared at the blank page,
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    Welcome to the site! Glad to see someone post a longer introduction. I myself am in the community for regressive purposes, and am also a huge pro-fun activist, doing my best to avoid the naughty things in life if I can. (Though I take responsibility if I really must, but thankfully I like doing housework.)

    It's neat to see someone interested in gaming and also interested in a good, fun snow based sport. I live where the snow is plentiful, and it's a shame I've never picked up skiing or snowboarding. I'm sure it must be fun. I also play Minecraft and Plants Vs. Zombies but most of my gaming is console gaming... so I'm not sure how much we have in common when it comes to that hobby.

    If you ever need some advice, I'm always here. Hope you make some friends real fast.

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    thank you for the welcome gigglemuffinz, i definitely feel a need for advice and have started up a thread with that aim,

    and btw you have GOT to try snowboarding, word of advice i absolutely hated it the first two times i went, first because i had no clue what i was doing kept hurting myself and made no progress, and then the second time i had my sister help coach me, my lack of patience had me cursing the day through, but by the end of the day i started be able to stay up without falling (going slow)
    from that moment on its been PURE fun and ecstasy so if you do try it, dont give up till you get good enough to do one whole run without falling, that is only the point where you finaly feel what its like. bliss.

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    It's important to not give up on something right away, huh? I definetly should give it a shot sometimes. I love just being out in the snow, so I'm sure I would blossom with the snow rushing by me. I just don't know if I would have the stamina to do it.

    I'm glad I could welcome you, and it's good you are already getting some helpful advice.

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