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    Default So I'm going on a trip...

    Sounds a little cliche and I have seen several posts like this but this needs its own thread.

    I will be going on a trip soon that involves a long car ride and I am thinking about wearing on the car ride. It is important to note that my parents will be in the car. I know that they won't notice and I know that I can get them to stop at a rest area where I can change and dispose of the diaper without them knowing. I need to change out of the diaper before we arrive at our destination because there will be too many people to keep track of then and someone might notice.

    Let me know if you see any problems with my plan or think it is the stupidest thing in the world.

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    Hmm, well as you say, your plan heavily depends on whether you can find a place to stop and change out of the diaper. I think wearing in a car has positive and negative points. On the good side, you wont need to stop off all the time for toilet trips (that is, if you are used to going in your diaper sitting down) but on the bad side, car rides can be hot and sticky and a warm diaper won't help. Also, if you go, then a leak could be very embarrassing and you wont be able to hide it much.

    I hope I'm not being negative, but in my experiences, plans tend to go out the window when something goes terribly wrong, so you will need backup plans.

    Good Luck,


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    The only thing I would worry about would be the possibility of getting diaper rash. Wiping yourself down with baby wipes and powdering (if you use powder) only does so much. Also the baby powder smell, may give things away to one of your parents. I know from experience that most Mum's have noses that detect the faintest of smells. You might need to consider also, that if you're all sharing the same air, someone might smell pee and start to enquire as to what the smell is.

    I'll also echo what Sayounara said, diapers in a hot, sticky and claustrophobic environment like a car can be a nightmare. Your crotch area can become so incredibly itchy. All it takes is one rushed diaper change...

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    It all sounds like a plan, but some things to think about:
    1. how are you going to carry clean diaper and supplies into the bathroom at rest stops without being seen or them asking why are you taking a backpack with you?
    2. Like Luca said, if you wait to long you might leak and you won't be able to hide that
    3. if you are in a wet diaper for long periods of time, there is a chance of smell, in a car that has it's AC on may make it hard to hide the urine smell
    4. Know the route that they are taking so when you get close enough you know when and where your last stop needs to be in order to change out of the last diaper before you get there.
    5. stop and think of all the pro's and cons
    6. what will you do if your parents do find out.

    Just stop and think and if you feel the pleasure out ways the risk and that you don't have to lie, then do what pleases you. If you have to lie to hide when caught then it isn't worth the risk.

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    Soo, its all cool. I didn't end up wearing on the trip bc I was able to wear the night before. Thanks for the feedback guys!

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