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Thread: We did it! Just a few questions.

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    Smile We did it! Just a few questions.

    Okay so the diapers came and we tried them for the first night a couple nights ago. The look on his face when he finally got it on brought me SO much joy. He was so happy! He tells me now he feels like himself

    Now we're on our third night wearing them to bed and we've run into 2 problems.

    The first is that he is having difficulty getting himself to wet. It helps if he stands in the bathroom, but how can he get himself to wet while laying in bed? He doesn't want to be incontinent, but he just wants to be able to wet when the urge arises.

    Also, what diapers are good to wear out and about? The ones we have now are very think and crinkly and would be blatantly obvious underneath his pants!

    Thanks in advance everyone

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    All of my wild fantasy-like questions aside, to answer your first question, the best solution in my opinion is to start training his brain to pee on command (when the urge arises). I know there was a big long topic about how to train your brain to do things in another forum, but I'll go over the basics.

    Start out by using the bathroom regularly. Right as your about to pee - right before you release - take the first two fingers (the index and middle finger) of your dominant hand (the hand you write with) and press them against something cold. The side of the toilet seat works well along with anything else thats metallic. Do this and eventually, given a few months of training, you should be able to touch something cold and pee (when you want to of course, its not involuntary).

    Eventually the brain should be trained into thinking its okay to pee when his fingers are pressed against something cold and it should make peeing in his diaper much more comfortable and easier.

    For me this is complete theory as I have not tested it myself, but I have heard of several cases of it actually working well.

    To answer your second question, you'd probably need to add a little insight like what brand did you just buy him so we know how to gauge the thickness of what he's currently wearing. I could suggest anything between Depends and Abena M2s which range a lot in thickness, but to be more precise, again it would be a lot easier to know what brand he's currently using

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    Regarding the first part, it's all a mental game - people tend to not be able to pee if they have spent X number of years telling themselves to hold it in.

    I was IC off and on during the daytime anyway, but wanted to use diapers during car trips on "my own terms", so it took a bit of practice until I could release while driving or riding passenger. It's just a reversing of your "training", but doing so won't make you incontinent. It trains your brain that going in a diaper is fine, just as you trained your brain to go in a toilet. Just be patient and RELAX excitement and "forcing" it out will actually keep it from happening.

    Second, diapers with cloth backs would be best. I liked Tena Ultra when i last had them. Soft but still held a great deal and were secure. But look around. Just go for cloth-backed ones to avoid noise. Depends are cheap and good for one wetting too - that's what I've had to rely on in case the IC strikes back up until I get back home (traveling now) and can order a better diaper. Go for the adjustable one (has Velcro tapes). Avoid store-brand diapers though.

    Hope you guys have fun!

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    I am pretty much in the same position; Just recently wanting to wet while in bed. When starting, it helps to be proped up with a bunch of pillows (make gravity do some work). When you really need to go, just relax, and visualize standing in front of a toilet and going. It helps alot to put light pressure on your bladder with fingers, and slowly exhale. As you let out air, more pressure will be put on the full bladder. All of the conditions should help you feel more comfortable going while laying down. After using these methods, I was shortly able to relax in almost any position and go. Just takes a bit of time. Good luck!

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